last changeMon, 13 Jul 2020 16:00:13 +0000 (16:00 +0000)
44 min ago cloudwalkhost: Move server perf code to server frame code master
44 min ago cloudwalkhost: Move timer resets to client/server code
44 min ago cloudwalkhost: Move server/client-specific frametime limiting...
44 min ago cloudwalkhost: Use new global host.sleeptime instead of svs...
44 min ago cloudwalkhost, csqc: Remove cl.csqc_paused. Use new global host...
44 min ago cloudwalkcsqc: Minor refactor of a few functions
44 min ago cloudwalkhost: Add "restless" variable to host_t. True means...
44 min ago cloudwalkbsp: Merge Q1/Q2 LoadSubmodels into one func. The diffe...
44 min ago cloudwalkbsp: Rename a few more functions that are used by more...
2 days ago cloudwalkImprove clang support. Add tcc support. Clang builds...
3 days ago cloudwalkprvm: Implement integer and pointer opcodes
3 days ago cloudwalkRefactor the model loading code to use an array of...
3 days ago cloudwalkRename model functions to make them more generic and...
3 days ago cloudwalkcommon: Add game "DOOMBRINGER"
6 days ago cloudwalkRevert "Fix texture load failure not printing"
6 days ago cloudwalkUgly hack to fix skybox textures being loaded as MATERI...
3 years ago xonotic-v0.8.2 Xonotic 0.8.2 release
4 years ago xonotic-v0.8.1 Xonotic 0.8.1 release
5 years ago xonotic-v0.8.0 Xonotic 0.8.0 release
7 years ago xonotic-v0.7.0 Xonotic Release 0.7
8 years ago xonotic-v0.6.0 Xonotic Release 0.6.0
8 years ago xonotic-v0.5.0 Xonotic Release 0.5
9 years ago xonotic-v0.1.0preview version 0.1.0preview
17 years ago RELEASE_0_2_0_RC2
17 years ago RELEASE_0_2_0_RC1
17 years ago initial
44 min ago master
7 days ago terencehill/builtin_fixes
7 days ago terencehill/dpdefs_sync
2 weeks ago terencehill/advanced_chat_editing
2 weeks ago Cloudwalk/cvar-callback-fix
2 weeks ago terencehill/ftos_slow
3 weeks ago terencehill/misc_bugfixes
3 weeks ago terencehill/RGBstring_to_colorindex
4 weeks ago Mario/wrath-darkplaces_extra
4 weeks ago Mario/wrath-darkplaces
6 weeks ago Mario/ext_entityparam
7 weeks ago Mario/netfps
8 weeks ago Juhu/sdl2_taskbar_icon
2 months ago Juhu/sdl_linux_mousefix
3 months ago div0-stable
3 months ago divVerent/darkplaces-m_accelerate