last changeTue, 20 Apr 2021 18:39:54 +0000 (18:39 +0000)
10 min ago cloudwalkcmd: Merge cmd_client and cmd_server into cmd_local... master
5 hours ago cloudwalkmenu: Partially implement MQC built-in #352 (registerco...
5 hours ago cloudwalkprvm: Deduplicate console command handler
5 hours ago cloudwalkcmd: Use per-interpreter hooks to handle commands,...
3 days ago cloudwalksys: Don't bother doing Host_Shutdown on Sys_Error
7 days ago cloudwalkcl_main: Slight refactor 14/merge
7 days ago cloudwalkcom_list: Move all functions to the header and inline...
7 days ago cloudwalkhost: Move Host_GetConsoleCommands and rename it for...
7 days ago cloudwalkcurl: Rename Curl_Run to Curl_Frame. Fix typo in comment
7 days ago cloudwalkhost, netconn: Use cvar callbacks on (cl_)port to reduc...
7 days ago cloudwalkhost: Refactor Host_Frame; simplify control flow.
8 days ago divverentFix a use of FALSE in some JPEG code. 116/merge
8 days ago cloudwalkimage: Sanitize paths on *all* images rather than image...
9 days ago cloudwalkhost: Make delta non-static in Host_Sleep
9 days ago cloudwalkcl_parse: Implement 7th mode for cl_nettimesyncboundmod...
9 days ago cloudwalkcl_input: Don't floor cl.cmd.frametime to the nearest...
4 years ago xonotic-v0.8.2 Xonotic 0.8.2 release
5 years ago xonotic-v0.8.1 Xonotic 0.8.1 release
6 years ago xonotic-v0.8.0 Xonotic 0.8.0 release
7 years ago xonotic-v0.7.0 Xonotic Release 0.7
9 years ago xonotic-v0.6.0 Xonotic Release 0.6.0
9 years ago xonotic-v0.5.0 Xonotic Release 0.5
10 years ago xonotic-v0.1.0preview version 0.1.0preview
18 years ago RELEASE_0_2_0_RC2
18 years ago RELEASE_0_2_0_RC1
18 years ago initial
9 min ago Cloudwalk/json
10 min ago master
3 days ago Cloudwalk/crash-handler
8 days ago terencehill/cvar_descriptions_fix
8 days ago bones_was_here/sleep
8 days ago div0-stable
13 days ago bones_was_here/trace
2 weeks ago bones_was_here/net2
3 weeks ago bones_was_here/net_s2
6 weeks ago Juhu/windows_manifest
7 weeks ago bones_was_here/noratelim
7 weeks ago bones_was_here/ilikebigbuffers
4 months ago terencehill/scr_screenshot_alpha_fix
4 months ago Mario/wrath-darkplaces_extra
4 months ago Cloudwalk/tedium
4 months ago terencehill/cvar_desc_fix