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2024-06-02 bones_was_hereCSQC: disable lighting in R_EndPolygon() master
2024-05-31 bones_was_hereImprove robustness of Con_CenterPrintf()
2024-05-28 bones_was_herecvar: misc description fixes, allow vsync to a fraction...
2024-05-28 James O'NeillPrint centerprint messages to the console (#159)
2024-05-17 bones_was_heresys: work around incomplete POSIX support in MacOS
2024-05-09 bones_was_hereRefactor game/mod cvar defaults
2024-05-09 bones_was_heresbar: add cvar scr_sbarscale for mod compatibility
2024-05-09 bones_was_hereparticles: fix bugs in cl_particles_quake
2024-05-09 bones_was_hereRecognise mod Arcane Dimensions
2024-05-09 bones_was_hereCLVM: add cvar to support mods wanting low resolution 2D
2024-05-09 bones_was_heremisc: engine version string polishing
2024-05-09 bones_was_herePVS: dynamically allocate all FatPVS buffers
2024-05-09 bones_was_heresprites: fix misaligned memory access while loading...
2024-05-09 bones_was_herenet: fix UB in VM_CL_getstati() and when sending the...
2024-05-09 bones_was_hereQ3BSP: fix UB when loading certain maps
2024-05-09 bones_was_heresys: fix "typo" in a3dac3bcfd962ee3b7ebcdb7afb777560679c29a
2024-05-04 CloudwalkCONTRIBUTING: Fix typos
2024-05-04 Cloudwalkmakefile: demote -Werror=c++-compat to a warning
2024-05-03 bones_was_hereconsole: improve default text legibility and background...
2024-05-03 bones_was_hereDisable mod_bsp_portalize by default
2024-05-03 bones_was_heredemos: Add cvar cl_startdemos, allow longer startdemos...
2024-05-02 bones_was_hereRecognise mods Quake 1.5 and Quake Combat+
2024-05-02 bones_was_herephysics: add a workaround cvar for mods relying on...
2024-05-02 bones_was_hereQ1BSP: add a workaround cvar for the Rogue lava men...
2024-05-02 bones_was_hereMisc gamedir-related fixes
2024-05-02 bones_was_herefs: recognise mods by -game cmdline args, deduplicate...
2024-04-26 bones_was_herephysics: fix and refactor unsticking
2024-04-21 James O'NeillMerge PR 'Use the text from modinfo.txt as the mod...
2024-04-21 bones_was_herefs: use current working dir as basedir if not otherwise...
2024-04-21 James O'NeillAccept "ctrl" + "=" for increasing console text size...
2024-04-21 James O'NeillMerge PR 'Compare Q1BSP sky textures properly when...
2024-04-21 James O'NeillMerge PR 'Add support for a "give a" command to give...
2024-04-21 bones_was_heremenu: update video settings
2024-04-21 bones_was_herevid: overhaul modesetting
2024-04-21 bones_was_herevid: remove cvar vid_userefreshrate
2024-04-21 bones_was_herevid: clean up some globals
2024-04-21 bones_was_herevid: refactor VID_Mode() calling
2024-04-21 bones_was_herevid: consolidate mode structures
2024-04-21 bones_was_herevid: refactor modesetting fallbacks
2024-04-14 bones_was_herebuild: minor adjustments
2024-04-12 James O'NeillMerge PR 'Make particles solid squares when cl_particle...
2024-04-11 bones_was_herebuild: get Visual Studio 2019 to compile
2024-04-11 bones_was_herevid: apply vid_width and vid_height cvar changes immedi...
2024-04-11 bones_was_herevid: [Windows] enable vid_ignore_taskbar by default
2024-04-11 bones_was_herevid: misc updates to comments, console prints, func...
2024-04-11 bones_was_herevid: don't overwrite vid_width and vid_height when...
2024-04-11 bones_was_herevid: enable vid_resizable by default
2024-04-11 bones_was_herevid: [Windows] don't r_restart for window resize events
2024-04-11 bones_was_herevid: [Windows] fix disabling of OS DPI scaling
2024-04-11 bones_was_heresys: [Linux] remove/replace obsolete timing and sleep...
2024-04-11 bones_was_heresys: [Windows] use more precise timing and sleeping
2024-04-11 bones_was_heresys: [Windows] fix spinning instead of sleeping
2024-04-07 bones_was_herePRVM: minimise impact of GC on benchmark results
2024-04-06 bones_was_hereFix CSQC garbage collection crash, support GC in CSQC_S...
2024-04-04 bones_was_hereRemove CF_ARCHIVE bit from r_q1bsp_lightmap_updates_enabled
2024-04-04 bones_was_hereImplement CSQC_SIMPLE aka hud-only CSQC, improve compat...
2024-04-02 bones_was_hereREADME.md: various doc adjustments
2024-04-02 bones_was_heremenuqc: declare localcmd() and deduplicate it
2024-04-01 bones_was_hereClarify documentation of gamedirs, add to README.md
2024-04-01 bones_was_hereRevert "fs: save files in the correct place when gamedi...
2024-04-01 James O'NeillFix r_glsl_dumpshader segfault
2024-04-01 bones_was_herePRVM: fix null ptr deref in VM_getkeybind()
2024-03-12 bones_was_herevid_vsync: work around Wayland-specific init bug
2024-03-11 bones_was_hereNudgeOutOfSolid: fix moving entities out of the world...
2024-03-11 bones_was_heremap command: recognise Q3BSP variants IBSP47 and IBSP48
2024-03-11 bones_was_hereUnderwater sound filter: an optimisation from terencehill
2024-03-10 bones_was_hereMerge PR 'Muffle sounds when the player is under water'
2024-03-10 bones_was_hereUnderwater sound filter: simplify code, improve cvar...
2024-03-10 James O'NeillUnderwater sound filter: fix warning and code style...
2024-03-10 Daft MugiAdd underwater sound filter
2024-03-08 bones_was_hereREADME.md: add a section about downloading and running DP
2024-03-08 bones_was_hereMerge PR 'Use Github actions to compile Linux builds'
2024-03-08 James O'NeillNew Github workflow file
2024-03-07 bones_was_heresys: allow the platform to handle crashes after DP...
2024-03-07 bones_was_hereWork around incomplete C11 support in Microsoft's stddef.h
2024-03-07 bones_was_hereMake the Sys_Error() message more informative
2024-03-02 CloudwalkRevert renamings from 591877ee0c64958303dcbb4f2af3d343a...
2024-03-01 bones_was_hereMerge PR 'Force C syntax for qc and qh files on Github'
2024-03-01 James O'NeillForce C syntax for qc and qh files on Github
2024-02-26 bones_was_heresys: prevent loops in signal handlers
2024-02-26 bones_was_hereREADME: add some build notes
2024-02-26 bones_was_herercon: return the error message when authentication...
2024-02-26 bones_was_hereCLVM: remove more cruft
2024-02-26 bones_was_hereCLVM: remove cruft
2024-02-26 bones_was_herePRVM: update program loading messages
2024-02-26 bones_was_herePRVM: refactor error handling
2024-02-26 bones_was_herePRVM: don't break csqc when menuqc has a problem
2024-02-25 bones_was_hereMVM: fix endless loop when a command causes an error
2024-02-09 bones_was_hereFix changing of player name during a game
2024-02-09 bones_was_hereFix two memory allocation issues
2024-02-09 bones_was_hereCLVM: set mapname global correctly (matching SVVM)
2024-02-09 bones_was_herechangelevel: start a map even if none is running
2024-02-09 bones_was_hereserver: always use correct case for map names
2024-02-07 bones_was_herercon: rewrite variable expansion support, related fixes
2024-02-07 bones_was_heresnd: fix a hard-to-repro segfault when joining a server
2024-02-07 bones_was_hereSVVM: Fix segfault during shutdown, improve previous...
2024-02-06 bones_was_hereRemove a bit of cruft left in Cvar_RestoreInitState()
2024-02-06 bones_was_hereXonotic: don't hide config problems during startup
2024-02-06 bones_was_hereElvis has left the building
2024-02-06 bones_was_herePRVM: clarify tempstring messages