protocol/dp8: Implement parting messages
[xonotic/darkplaces.git] / sv_send.c
2021-07-22 Cloudwalkprotocol/dp8: Implement parting messages
2021-07-21 Cloudwalkedict: Move free and freetime into prvm_edict_t itself
2020-10-16 cloudwalkFix compatibility with DP's own server with NEHAHRABJP2...
2020-10-02 cloudwalkmodel_shared: Rename dp_model_t to model_t, to avoid...
2020-09-26 cloudwalkserver: Eliminate references to cls.state in server...
2020-09-26 cloudwalkserver: Give a lot of functions new homes
2020-06-30 cloudwalkAdd EOF newlines
2020-06-22 cloudwalkFirst massive rename and move