2021-01-17 Ant ZucaroAdd a new table for player skills. master
2020-12-19 Ant ZucaroAdd partitions through 2025.
2020-12-19 Ant ZucaroAdd cleanup of nonparticipants table.
2020-10-18 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:xonotic/xonstatdb
2020-10-18 Ant ZucaroAdd status column. add-ok-weapons
2020-10-16 Ant ZucaroAdd a table for non-participants.
2019-08-25 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'add-ok-weapons' into 'master'
2019-08-24 Ant ZucaroUpdate the RPC with what it stands for. 1/head
2019-08-24 Ant ZucaroAdd weapon metadata for Overkill.
2017-11-25 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'add-game-id-indexes'
2017-11-18 Ant ZucaroAdd indexes on the game_id field. add-game-id-indexes
2017-11-08 Ant ZucaroUpdate the refresh script for active servers. top-servers
2017-11-08 Ant ZucaroModify the sum type of the active servers MV.
2017-10-17 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'frag-matrix'
2017-10-17 Ant ZucaroUse the plain JSON type, not JSONB due to PG9.3.
2017-10-16 Ant ZucaroMerge pull request #3 from antzucaro/frag-matrix
2017-10-04 Ant ZucaroPartition the frag matrix table. frag-matrix
2017-09-30 Ant ZucaroAdd the table to the build.
2017-09-30 Ant ZucaroInitial version of the player_game_frag_matrix table.
2017-08-26 Ant ZucaroMake mention of needing superuser for drop & load,...
2017-05-13 Ant ZucaroAdd a pl/pgsql block to update the player_agg_stats_mv...
2017-05-13 Ant ZucaroRemove the trailing comma.
2017-05-12 Ant ZucaroAdd the aggregate table to the build.
2017-05-12 Ant ZucaroAdd a new 'mv' table for player aggregate stats.
2017-04-30 Ant ZucaroAdd category to player_ranks and its history.
2017-04-30 Ant ZucaroAdd elo categories to several tables.
2017-04-22 Ant ZucaroAdd a SQL script to clean the DB.
2017-04-03 Ant ZucaroAdd some additional IP address padding.
2017-01-19 Ant ZucaroAdd a script to create a data snapshot of the DB.
2016-11-25 Ant ZucaroInsert a logging record to the merged_server table...
2016-11-25 Ant ZucaroAdd the new table to the build script.
2016-11-25 Ant ZucaroAdd a log table for merged servers.
2016-11-25 Ant ZucaroOn second thought, let XonStat handle the attribute...
2016-11-25 Ant ZucaroAdd a merge_servers function.
2016-11-11 Ant ZucaroAdd an Elo indicator for turning off processing at...
2016-03-29 Ant ZucaroAdd player_medals to the build.
2016-03-29 Ant ZucaroAdd player_medals table.
2016-03-17 Ant ZucaroFix typos.
2016-02-04 Ant ZucaroGive the active MVs primary keys.
2016-02-02 Ant ZucaroAdd active maps MV to the build.
2016-02-02 Ant ZucaroAdd a script to refresh active maps.
2016-02-02 Ant ZucaroAdd an MV for active maps.
2016-01-30 Ant ZucaroAdd active servers MV to the build.
2016-01-30 Ant ZucaroAdd a script to refresh active servers.
2016-01-30 Ant ZucaroAdd an MV for active servers.
2016-01-30 Ant ZucaroUnify permissions on all the table scripts.
2016-01-30 Ant ZucaroAdd active players MV to the build.
2016-01-30 Ant ZucaroAdd script to refresh the active players MV.
2016-01-30 Ant ZucaroAdd an MV for active players.
2016-01-29 Ant ZucaroAdd script to refresh summary stats.
2016-01-29 Ant ZucaroAdd a create_dt to summary stats.
2016-01-29 Ant ZucaroAdd a summary stats "materialized view".
2016-01-26 Ant ZucaroConsolidate indexes for the games table.
2016-01-21 Ant ZucaroExclude rankings for those at the Elo floor.
2015-06-13 Ant ZucaroUpdate the unique key on the player captimes table.
2015-06-13 Ant ZucaroThe mod is 64 characters, not 30.
2015-06-09 Ant ZucaroAdd the mod name to the captimes table to somewhat...
2015-06-09 Ant ZucaroAdd a field to track the absolute number of impure...
2015-04-22 Ant ZucaroAdd the Arc to the weapons table.
2015-01-11 Ant ZucaroAdd primary keys using our naming scheme.
2015-01-11 Rudolf PolzerCreate a game_id index, and put the gin(players) index...
2014-12-24 Ant ZucaroThe games table gets a gin index on players.
2014-12-16 Ant ZucaroStore a list of player_ids in the games table.
2014-12-13 Ant ZucaroAdd new weapons to the initial data set.
2014-12-02 Ant ZucaroPartition tables out to 2020, remove old ones.
2014-11-30 Ant ZucaroAdd team_game_stats to the mix.
2014-11-19 Ant ZucaroAdd indexes. Rename to reflect its purpose.
2014-11-18 Ant ZucaroAdd table definitions.
2014-11-18 Ant ZucaroComplete trigger definition.
2014-11-18 Ant ZucaroRule generator for partitions. Incomplete.
2014-07-12 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'master' of github.com:antzucaro/xonstatdb
2014-07-12 Ant ZucaroTake the greatest Elo per gametype in merges.
2014-06-16 Ant ZucaroAdd groups table for admin functionality.
2014-06-13 Ant ZucaroAdd email address to the players table (for admins...
2014-05-28 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'master' of github.com:antzucaro/xonstatdb
2014-05-28 Ant ZucaroAdd script to purge anticheat logs.
2014-05-28 Ant ZucaroAdd an anticheat log table.
2014-02-10 Ant ZucaroPlaying one Elo game type in the past 30 days will...
2013-10-02 Ant ZucaroFix date range for q4 partition.
2013-08-17 antzucaroDamn off-by-one errors. *shakes fist*
2013-08-17 antzucaroAdd Elo rot analysis query.
2013-08-17 antzucaroUse a new Elo rot scheme.
2013-08-11 Ant ZucaroAdd drop and load convenience script.
2013-05-23 Ant ZucaroVarious typos on Q4.
2013-05-23 Ant ZucaroPartition player weapon stats through 2014.
2013-05-23 Ant ZucaroPartition player game stats through 2014.
2013-05-23 Ant ZucaroPartition games through 2014.
2013-05-23 Ant ZucaroYou know what? We don't need tables for the past!
2013-05-23 Ant ZucaroConfigure partitions through 2014.
2013-05-23 Ant ZucaroAdd rounds, caps fields.
2013-04-21 Ant ZucaroAdd team scores table. Partition till 2015.
2013-02-05 Ant ZucaroAdd port to servers table
2013-02-05 Ant ZucaroAdd mod string to games table
2013-02-01 Ant ZucaroIdentify games with bad ranks.
2013-01-25 Ant ZucaroModify column structure for better reuse.
2013-01-16 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'master' of github.com:antzucaro/xonstatdb
2013-01-16 Ant ZucaroAdd teamrank and scoreboardpos fields.
2013-01-02 antzucaroMerge branch 'master' of github.com:antzucaro/xonstatdb
2013-01-02 antzucaroUse greatest instead of least.
2012-12-31 Ant ZucaroAdd win ratio query