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2020-12-06 Ant ZucaroRemove more refs to sqlahelper. master
2020-12-06 Ant ZucaroGet rid of sqlahelper.
2020-12-06 Ant ZucaroRemove extraneous print calls.
2020-12-06 Ant ZucaroWrap bare queries in text() to avoid exceptions.
2020-05-09 nicoConsistency fix fix-broken-scoreboard-tables-for-small-width 13/head
2020-05-09 nicoFix broken scoreboard tables for small screen widths
2019-09-21 Ant ZucaroFix the content for the MG. Fixes #183.
2019-09-15 Ant ZucaroInclude the changes in the combined CSS file. martin-t/ok-icons 12/head
2019-09-11 Martin Taibrfix overkill weapon icons
2019-08-31 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'update-luma' into 'master'
2019-08-30 Ant ZucaroUpdate the weapon charts to match. update-luma 11/head
2019-08-29 Ant ZucaroUpdate the templates for the new classes.
2019-08-29 Ant ZucaroUpdate Luma with the right content this time.
2019-08-25 Ant ZucaroUpdate templates to reflect new naming structure.
2019-08-25 Ant ZucaroUpdate Luma: no colors, no aliases.
2019-08-25 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'show-ok-weapons' into 'master'
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