2022-02-19 bones_was_hereUpdate Docs/faq.md to current xonotic.org version bones_was_here/faq 92/head
2022-02-18 Rudolf PolzerOops, fix the errors.
2022-02-18 Rudolf PolzerFix handling of leave events due to kick.
2022-02-13 terencehillMerge branch 'z411/remove_readyrestart' into 'master'
2022-02-07 Rudolf PolzerRename properly to powerbot.
2022-02-07 Rudolf PolzerAlso add a gitignore file.
2022-02-07 Rudolf PolzerAdd our power levels Matrix bot.
2022-02-05 z411Remove cvars of deprecated ready_restart 90/head
2022-02-04 Rudolf PolzerDo not mark maps as done when fetching their pk3 failed.
2022-01-31 Rudolf PolzerRemove some random slashes from the URLs.
2022-01-31 Rudolf PolzerInclude the map blob hash in the URL spammed on Matrix.
2022-01-31 Rudolf PolzerDon't set BUILD_ONE in the shell script - set this...
2022-01-31 Rudolf PolzerUpdate the screenshot cron runner script.
2022-01-31 Rudolf PolzerFix URL for accessing the screenshot server.
2022-01-31 Rudolf PolzerSync xonotic-map-screenshot script.
2022-01-31 Rudolf PolzerSync xonotic-release-build script.
2022-01-21 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'z411/tos_revision' into 'master'
2022-01-17 z411Added TOS version to checkupdate.txt z411/tos_revision 87/head
2021-12-08 Rudolf PolzerRecompile libcurl, now with schannel.
2021-12-08 Rudolf PolzerUpdate libcurl DLL for Win64 too.
2021-12-08 Rudolf PolzerUpdate jpeg DLL by a new rebuild.
2021-11-22 Rudolf PolzerOops, actually select OS X ;)
2021-11-22 Rudolf PolzerAnother attempt at fixing OSX SDL build.
2021-11-22 Rudolf PolzerRe-enable macOS building using osxcross.
2021-11-22 Rudolf PolzerRename Windows builds so that xonotic.exe is 64bit...
2021-11-21 Rudolf PolzerAlso link to pthread for ODE.
2021-11-21 Rudolf PolzerAdd our own ODE build again, but a new one.
2021-11-21 Rudolf PolzerJust use JPEG and ODE from the installed Debian system.
2021-11-21 Rudolf PolzerFix weird paste error in release-engine-win32.
2021-11-20 Rudolf PolzerSame sync for OS X.
2021-11-20 Rudolf PolzerAlso sync over flags for Windows.
2021-11-20 Rudolf Polzernokia2tuba: improve legato.
2021-11-20 Rudolf PolzerSync linux64 flags from the Travis script.
2021-11-13 Rudolf PolzerRebuild GMP with --enable-fat.
2021-11-12 Rudolf Polzerselfbuildagain branch is merged, no longer need to...
2021-11-12 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'divVerent/selfbuildagain'
2021-11-12 Rudolf PolzerEnable local release builds.
2021-11-12 Rudolf PolzerRecompile linux64 GMP and d0_blind_id --with-pic -...
2021-11-12 Rudolf PolzerWe no longer have the old icon rebranding script.
2021-11-12 Rudolf PolzerOops: sdl2-config.
2021-11-12 Rudolf PolzerFix compiler names.
2021-11-12 Rudolf PolzerGo back to self-building rather than relying on Travis.
2021-07-08 Rudolf PolzerSync the update rsync script.
2021-07-08 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:xonotic/xonotic
2021-07-08 Rudolf PolzerImport updated release build script.
2021-07-08 Rudolf PolzerShorter path (we now make autobuild-bsp the homedir).
2021-06-15 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'bones_was_here/readme_chat_update' into...
2021-06-09 bones_was_hereUpdate chat details in README.md 80/head
2021-05-30 Rudolf PolzerKill the -noaes builds (they're already 100% identical).
2021-05-30 Rudolf PolzerRemove the -low autobuild.
2021-04-01 Rudolf PolzerDon't start an X server for texture compression - crunc...
2021-04-01 Rudolf PolzerAlso update map screenshot script from zernichter.
2021-04-01 Rudolf PolzerUpdate map compiler script from rm.cloudns.org.
2021-04-01 Rudolf PolzerSync release build script from srv03.
2021-03-24 Rudolf PolzerFUN: a shell script to convert Nokia ringtones to cfg...
2021-03-19 Rudolf PolzerAllow DXT1 for textures that have alpha (e.g. grates).
2021-03-18 Rudolf PolzerTurn off renormalizing.
2021-03-18 Rudolf PolzerAdd support for the "crunch" texture compression tool.
2021-03-17 Rudolf PolzerTry to not dither normalmaps, but instead dither colorm...
2021-03-17 Rudolf PolzerGenerate deluxemap textures dds files in normalmap...
2021-03-05 Rudolf Polzer./all keygen: also accept ed25519 keys.
2021-02-25 MarioMerge branch 'divVerent/ticrate-change-allowed' into...
2021-02-25 Rudolf PolzerDocument new allowed sys_ticrate value. 78/head
2020-12-20 MarioMerge branch 'tos-updates' into 'master'
2020-12-20 Ant ZucaroUse single-quote to prevent display weirdness on the...
2020-12-20 Ant ZucaroCheck if tos text has more than one line. Use a suffix.
2020-12-17 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'Mario/tos' into 'master'
2020-12-17 MarioExperimental terms of service syncing script and file
2020-12-13 MarioMerge branch 'refresh-checkupdate' into 'master'
2020-12-13 Ant ZucaroUse GitLab's raw URL instead.
2020-12-13 Ant ZucaroAdd script to sync checkupdate.txt on the web host.
2020-12-10 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/confirm_rsync' into 'master'
2020-12-09 MarioRequire inputting Y to confirm in the Linux script...
2020-12-08 MarioMerge branch 'Mario/crypto_linux' into 'master'
2020-12-08 MarioRemove commented out crypto message that no long applies
2020-12-08 MarioEnable crypto_aeslevel in Linux releases (hopefully)
2020-12-08 MarioAdd yes/no dialogs to the update scripts, fixes #148
2020-11-18 MarioMerge branch 'sev/xolonium4_2' into 'master'
2020-11-18 Severin MeyerUpdate Xolonium fonts to version 4.2
2020-11-08 MarioMerge branch 'bones_was_here/build.cron' into 'master'
2020-11-08 bones_was_hereUpdate xonotic-release-build.cron to the current versio...
2020-11-08 MarioDisable the German Git host of Xonotic until it can...
2020-10-17 MarioMerge branch 'update-windows-dlls' into 'master'
2020-10-14 MarioAvoid using nested quotes in the map screenshot script
2020-07-07 incognicolibjpeg (libjpeg-turbo) 2.0.5
2020-07-07 incognicolibcurl 7.71.1
2020-07-07 incognicoMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2020-06-15 Rudolf Polzergmqcc: the usual branch now is main. amade/cleanup_includes
2020-06-13 incognicoOops, add missing cygpopt-0.dll
2020-06-12 incognicolibcurl-4.dll ( with support for http2
2020-06-09 incognicoUpdate rsync.exe, chmod.exe, and cygwin dlls too
2020-06-09 incognicoRebuild with --enable-libccd
2020-06-09 incognicoadd libode3 as optional, now it actually works and...
2020-06-07 incognicozlib1.dll - 1.2.11
2020-06-07 incognicoogg.dll -> libogg-0.dll
2020-06-07 incognicolibwinpthread-1.dll - (dependency...
2020-06-07 incognicovorbisfile.dll -> libvorbisfile-3.dll
2020-06-07 incognicovorbisenc.dll -> libvorbisenc-2.dll
2020-06-07 incognicolibvorbisfile-3.dll - 1.3.6
2020-06-07 incognicolibvorbisenc-2.dll - 1.3.6