2013-09-12 Severin MeyerRevise Xolonium dingbats
2013-08-25 Severin MeyerAdd Xolonium as fallback console font, to display any...
2013-08-25 Severin MeyerAdd various dingbats to Xolonium font
2013-08-12 Rudolf Polzerstop using libjpeg as shared on linux
2013-08-10 Rudolf Polzermore fixing
2013-08-09 Rudolf PolzerDid I mention I hate this ../../../../../../../../...
2013-08-08 Rudolf Polzeradd an -I
2013-08-08 Rudolf Polzeractually, we need more than that
2013-08-08 Rudolf Polzermove ircspam output to stderr
2013-08-08 Rudolf PolzerMore rijndael fixing.
2013-08-08 Rudolf Polzermake the other lib linkage explicit too
2013-08-08 NikoliFix crypto
2013-08-03 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://de.git.xonotic.org/xonot...
2013-08-02 Rudolf Polzernext attempt to make this stupid mess work... why didn...
2013-08-02 Rudolf Polzerfix extension
2013-08-02 Rudolf PolzerFix sdl-config call.
2013-08-01 Nikolinow darkplaces builds in subdirs
2013-07-27 Rudolf Polzerget rid of modplug
2013-07-24 Rudolf Polzerattempt to make xonotic work with new build system...
2013-07-13 Rudolf PolzerFix exists= var, fixes #1109
2013-07-13 Rudolf Polzeradd desktop files. No idea where they would have to...
2013-07-13 Rudolf PolzerFix banlist IP, fixes #1660
2013-07-06 Rudolf Polzerremove .x86 suffix here
2013-06-23 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://de.git.xonotic.org/xonot...
2013-06-23 Rudolf Polzerremove relative paths
2013-06-23 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://de.git.xonotic.org/xonot...
2013-06-23 Rudolf Polzersimplify and fix xonotic-map-compiler for xonotic use
2013-06-23 Rudolf Polzerfix shaderlist handling
2013-06-21 Rudolf Polzeradd IRCSPAM support
2013-06-21 Rudolf Polzerget rid of bash-isms
2013-06-18 Matthias Krügerxonotic-map-compiler-optionsfile: fix for mapnames...
2013-06-17 Matthias Krügerxonotic-map-compiler-optionsfile: fix check if file...
2013-06-17 Matthias Krügerxonotic-map-compiler-optionsfile: oops, do not try...
2013-06-17 Matthias Krügerxonotic-map-compiler-optionsfile: don't overwrite compi...
2013-06-17 Matthias Krügerxonotic-map-compiler-optionsfile: print in how many...
2013-06-17 Matthias Krügerxonotic-map-compiler-optionsfile : store seconds in...
2013-06-17 Matthias Krügerxonotic-map-compiler : add function which simply track...
2013-06-16 Rudolf Polzerfix another path name typo
2013-06-16 Rudolf Polzermore typos
2013-06-16 Rudolf Polzerfix missing log file
2013-06-16 Rudolf Polzerfix arg count checking
2013-06-16 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/matthiaskrgr/gitig...
2013-06-16 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/matthiaskrgr/all_grep'
2013-06-16 Rudolf Polzerrefactor map building so mapinfo size detection works too
2013-06-16 Matthias Krüger./all compile-map: finally fix the import of map.options!
2013-06-15 Matthias Krüger./all compile-map: remove dublicated script, modify...
2013-06-15 Matthias Krüger./all grep: display line of match by default.
2013-06-15 Matthias Krügeradd all compile-maps to all help.
2013-06-15 Matthias Krügeradd all grep to all help.
2013-06-15 Matthias KrügerMerge branch 'master' into matthiaskrgr/all_grep
2013-06-15 Matthias Krüger./all compile-map: maybe these paths have to be fixed.
2013-06-15 Matthias Krüger./all compile-map: if no arguments are given, print...
2013-06-14 Matthias Krügererror if map file can't be found.
2013-06-14 Matthias Krügerfix file permission
2013-06-14 Matthias Krügerinitial version of ./all compile-map feature
2013-06-13 Matthias KrügerMerge branch 'master' into matthiaskrgr/gitignore
2013-06-12 Rudolf Polzerworkaround ARM issue in DP's makefile.inc
2013-06-09 Matthias KrügerMerge branch 'master' into matthiaskrgr/all_grep
2013-06-09 Matthias KrügerMerge branch 'master' into matthiaskrgr/gitignore
2013-06-03 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/matthiaskrgr/website' xonotic-v0.7.0
2013-06-02 Matthias Krüger./all grep: ident fix.
2013-06-02 Matthias Krügerbump version to 0.7 in faq.aft.
2013-06-02 Matthias Krügerremove basics.html and the images it used. It's outdate...
2013-06-02 Matthias Krügerbasics.html: fix image filenames
2013-06-02 Matthias Krügerremove readme.html, this is horribly outdated.
2013-06-02 Matthias KrügerTry implementing some grep functionality for ./all...
2013-06-01 Matthias Krügergitignore: add repos "xonstat" and "xonstatdb".
2013-05-29 Rudolf Polzercwebp requires png, so be it
2013-05-29 Rudolf Polzerfix mv -> cp here
2013-05-29 Rudolf Polzeroops: jpg -> webp is pointless. Disable.
2013-05-29 Rudolf Polzerbuild a WebP release (experimental)
2013-05-29 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of de.git.xonotic.org/xonotic...
2013-05-29 Rudolf Polzercached converter: WebP support
2013-05-11 Samual LenksPatch fix for vid_gl20 "0" with big-benchmark script...
2013-05-10 Rudolf Polzerfix ./all compile -c error
2013-05-06 Rudolf Polzerdisable fteqcc compilation
2013-04-15 Rudolf Polzerminor fix for mergefail logic
2013-04-04 Rudolf Polzeruse right kind of parentheses
2013-03-27 Rudolf Polzerin release builds, include a file misc/git-revisions...
2013-03-21 Rudolf PolzerFix for ./all compile -r dedicated, thanks, ItsMe,...
2013-03-05 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/samual/notificatio...
2013-03-04 Samual LenksEventlog stuffz
2013-02-12 Samual LenksAdd gmqcc to .gitignore-- mrbougo's fault if it breaks.
2013-01-25 Rudolf PolzerSWITCH TO GMQCC. Use USE_FTEQCC=yes to use fteqcc.
2013-01-08 Rudolf Polzerbetter stats
2012-12-31 Samual LenksAdd shuffleteams vote to default server config
2012-12-31 Rudolf Polzerwarn on invalid opcodes if they are reached
2012-12-27 Rudolf Polzerthis script is useless
2012-12-20 Rudolf Polzeradd a gmqcc zip
2012-12-20 Rudolf Polzercompile only gmqcc
2012-12-20 Rudolf Polzeruse the other mingw64 compiler
2012-12-20 Rudolf Polzerfix .exe for gmqcc
2012-12-19 Rudolf Polzerautobuild fix
2012-12-18 Rudolf Polzerallow using gmqcc using USE_GMQCC=yes ./all compile
2012-12-18 Rudolf Polzerautobuild: include gmqcc
2012-12-18 Rudolf Polzerremove debug
2012-12-18 Rudolf Polzersupport RETURN of the last two globals :)
2012-12-18 Rudolf Polzerfix warning
2012-12-18 Rudolf Polzerdetect missing vector defs
2012-12-17 Rudolf Polzerdefine both FTEQCC and QCC flags in make runs