2011-11-07 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://de.git.xonotic.org/xonot...
2011-11-07 Rudolf Polzerrcon2irc: support for rcon2irc behind NAT (not tested)
2011-11-06 Rudolf Polzerneed more guiro
2011-11-05 Rudolf Polzerget rid of this
2011-11-05 Rudolf Polzermore stuff here
2011-11-05 Rudolf Polzerrename
2011-11-05 Rudolf Polzerimproved settings
2011-11-05 Rudolf Polzerimproved tuba sound settings (+3dB)
2011-11-05 Rudolf Polzerfix typos
2011-10-29 Rudolf Polzerfix two more makefile bugs
2011-10-29 Rudolf Polzermore makefile stuff
2011-10-29 Rudolf Polzerfix make clean
2011-10-29 Rudolf Polzeradd an experimental Makefile
2011-10-29 Rudolf Polzermake .no file have precedence over others
2011-10-27 Xonotic Build... ilibraries updated again, please test
2011-10-27 Xonotic Build... new blind_id dlls
2011-10-26 Rudolf Polzerupdated orchestra configs
2011-10-24 Rudolf Polzersome tuba configs :)
2011-10-23 Rudolf Polzermore midi2cfg-ng updates
2011-10-20 Rudolf Polzerproperly turn status to boolean
2011-10-20 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.xonotic.org/xonotic...
2011-10-20 Rudolf Polzerpython version of the module, first start
2011-10-20 Rudolf Polzermidi2cfg config: fix crash
2011-10-16 Rudolf Polzerenable metaljumper
2011-10-16 Rudolf Polzerprepare use of metalsteps/nosteps surfaces
2011-10-16 Rudolf Polzeruse jumpers for a test
2011-10-15 Rudolf Polzeradd a "jumper" config for midi2cfg, not used yet
2011-10-15 Rudolf Polzermidi2cfg: generate setbots command to help automated...
2011-10-14 Rudolf Polzerbugfixes and midi2cfg changes from my secret branch
2011-10-12 Rudolf Polzermidi2cfg-ng updates from secret branch ;)
2011-10-10 Rudolf Polzermake accordeon actually work ;)
2011-10-10 Rudolf Polzersupport accordeon (untested)
2011-10-02 Rudolf Polzeruse special place for vocals
2011-09-28 Rudolf Polzerpercussion fixes
2011-09-27 Rudolf Polzerimplement forgetfulness more properly here too
2011-09-27 Rudolf Polzerif you must take a bot from another channel - pick...
2011-09-27 Rudolf Polzerstay more on the same bot with a channel
2011-09-27 Rudolf Polzerfixes
2011-09-27 Rudolf Polzermore fixes
2011-09-27 Rudolf Polzerbot orchestra: try keeping voices on the channel if...
2011-09-27 Rudolf Polzerassign percussion bots round-robin, looks better
2011-09-25 Rudolf Polzerbetter percussion
2011-09-25 Rudolf Polzerimprove jetpack in the orchestra
2011-09-23 Rudolf Polzerfixes in killing notes
2011-09-23 Rudolf Polzerfinish program support
2011-09-23 Rudolf Polzermore midi2cfg stuff, mainly: we can now distinguish...
2011-09-21 Rudolf PolzerMore config improvements
2011-09-21 Rudolf Polzeradd some generic settings for the orchestra to the...
2011-09-21 Rudolf Polzermore aggressive uzi use :)
2011-09-21 Rudolf Polzerundo uzi bug workaround
2011-09-21 Rudolf Polzeradd a shell script wrapper
2011-09-21 Rudolf Polzermore midi2cfg stuff
2011-09-21 Rudolf Polzermore midi2cfg changes
2011-09-19 Rudolf Polzermore fixes for midi2cfg-ng
2011-09-18 Rudolf Polzermidi2cfg: support for VOCALS!
2011-09-17 Rudolf Polzermidi2cfg improvements
2011-09-17 Rudolf Polzermake it work for the new "stage" map
2011-09-17 Rudolf Polzermore config updates
2011-09-17 Rudolf Polzerremove outdated config
2011-09-17 Rudolf Polzermidi2cfg: fix weapon numbers
2011-09-16 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.xonotic.org/xonotic...
2011-09-16 Rudolf Polzerbot orchestra, simple config: allow legato notes
2011-09-16 Rudolf Polzeruse old screenshot naming for this
2011-09-15 Rudolf Polzerbsptool: show counts for lumps
2011-09-13 Rudolf Polzeralso transition people who had previously used ./all...
2011-09-13 Rudolf Polzertransition pushing to push.git.xonotic.org (new DNS...
2011-09-10 Rudolf Polzeralso make a Xonotic-source package
2011-09-08 Rudolf Polzerno need to add the same files twice
2011-09-08 Rudolf Polzermake an extra -enginesource.zip in the future
2011-09-08 Rudolf Polzerfix typos, and add contributions
2011-09-07 Rudolf Polzerdisclaim ownership of user generated content
2011-09-05 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://de.git.xonotic.org/xonot... xonotic-v0.5.0
2011-09-05 Xonotic Build... put sys_ticrate in the server.cfg template
2011-09-05 Xonotic Build... release build: add a "mapping" transform which is like...
2011-09-04 Rudolf Polzeradd a REALLY FUN FUN FUN texture randomizer script
2011-09-04 Rudolf Polzerbsptool: add a feature to replace shaders in finished bsp
2011-09-02 Rudolf Polzeruse relative links to find weaponimg
2011-09-01 Rudolf Polzeruse title= too
2011-09-01 Rudolf Polzeruse _small pics
2011-09-01 Rudolf Polzerfix height
2011-09-01 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.xonotic.org/xonotic
2011-09-01 Rudolf Polzeruse correct name for nex
2011-09-01 Rudolf Polzeruse new weapon names
2011-09-01 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.xonotic.org/xonotic
2011-09-01 Rudolf Polzerfirst test: reference from our git
2011-09-01 Rudolf PolzerBTW weapon pics are by samual ;)
2011-09-01 Rudolf Polzeradd new weapon pics, delete the old ones from nexuiz
2011-09-01 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/merlijn/osxlion...
2011-09-01 Rudolf Polzeruse "match8" scale for offsetmapping
2011-08-31 Rudolf Polzeradd a tab before dpoffsetmapping
2011-08-30 Rudolf Polzerfix scale and ofs calculations
2011-08-30 merlijnForce windowed mode for OS X Lion, as SDL cannot do...
2011-08-30 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://de.git.xonotic.org/xonot...
2011-08-30 Rudolf Polzerfft heightmap converter: always output median; add...
2011-08-30 Rudolf Polzernormal/heightmap tool: allow setting the bias relativel...
2011-08-29 Rudolf PolzerRevert "update the SDL framework for OS X to hg 5605...
2011-08-29 Rudolf PolzerRevert "update SDL from hg to 5607:01a3ec16d8d5"
2011-08-29 mand1ngaMerge branch 'mand1nga/update-docs'
2011-08-29 mand1ngaMore fixes
2011-08-29 mand1ngaRemoved unused images from CSS file