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2014-11-13 MarioMerge branch 'nyov/recompile-qc' into 'master'
2014-11-13 nyovswitch for 'all' to (re)compile qc only
2014-10-09 Rudolf PolzerBail out if no single OS has all required binaries.
2014-10-09 Rudolf PolzerMake sure to bail out on empty binary files.
2014-10-09 Rudolf PolzerRemove redundant DLL files.
2014-10-09 Rudolf PolzerAdd missing +x bits.
2014-09-02 Rudolf Polzerpoint at SDL2 for OS X and Windows.
2014-09-02 Rudolf PolzerDelete code to compile the OS X agl client.
2014-09-02 Rudolf PolzerDo not include SDL2 DLLs - we link to them statically.
2014-08-30 Rudolf PolzerChange the messages to mention gitlab.
2014-08-30 Rudolf PolzerAllow the repo's default branch to differ from master.
2014-08-28 Rudolf Polzerdo not webp
2014-08-28 Rudolf PolzerSwitch to s2tc for now - fix the crap later.
2014-08-28 Rudolf PolzerFix pulling of travis binaries.
2014-08-28 Rudolf PolzerUse the proper gmqcc binary.
2014-08-28 Rudolf PolzerFIx the icon changing.
2014-08-27 Rudolf PolzerUpgrade to SDL2 on OS X too.
2014-08-27 Rudolf PolzerFix the downloading.
2014-08-27 Rudolf Polzer./all release: Just download stuff from travis.
2014-08-27 Rudolf PolzerSwitch win32 to SDL2 2.0.3 too, as this worked so well...
2014-08-27 Rudolf PolzerMore open bugs in SDL2 2.0.3.
2014-08-27 Rudolf Polzerhttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/22446008/winapifamil...
2014-08-27 Rudolf PolzerFIx shell-fu.
2014-08-27 Rudolf PolzerWin64: switch to using SDL2.
2014-08-22 Rudolf PolzerTake nl.git.xonotic.org out of the rotation.
2014-08-18 Rudolf PolzerAdd the gitlab mirrors.
2014-06-04 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/terencehill/sdl_co...
2014-05-08 Rudolf PolzerOops. Allow DDS for a few more textures.
2014-04-14 Rudolf PolzerWait about 5 minutes before showing info about newly...
2014-03-24 terencehillAdd missing dependency for sdl compilation under mingw32
2014-03-16 Samual LenksAdd fragfest server to promoted section
2014-02-10 Rudolf PolzerAdd a note about the port number. Implements poll ...
2014-02-06 Rudolf PolzerAdd the XHub key!
2014-01-27 Samual LenksFix typo in key for australian hub server
2014-01-24 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://nl.git.xonotic.org/xonot...
2014-01-24 Rudolf PolzerDelete the obsolete testing CA.
2014-01-23 Samual LenksAdd wtwrp freezetag, add smb votable
2014-01-21 Samual LenksRemove Atlanta Smokehouse Votable from recommended...
2014-01-21 Samual LenksAdd bitmissile duel server as well
2014-01-21 Samual LenksAdd WTWRP LMS and Duel
2014-01-18 Rudolf PolzerTry to become able to use a time builtin again. Fixes...
2014-01-18 Rudolf PolzerFix detection of time.
2014-01-18 Rudolf PolzerStop relying on exit status from invocation of "time".
2014-01-18 Rudolf PolzerSimplify test for "time".
2014-01-18 Rudolf PolzerVerbosely output the external shell commands we run...
2014-01-17 Samual LenksAdd some Bitmissile HUB server keys to recommended...
2014-01-17 Samual LenksAdd the other existing HUB servers to the list
2014-01-17 Samual LenksAdd HUB EU votable to promoted servers list
2014-01-15 Rudolf PolzerUse time only if it exists.
2014-01-04 Rudolf Polzer./all: always output how long the program ran. Sometime...
2013-12-29 Samual LenksMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/terencehill/docs_u...
2013-12-20 Rudolf PolzerFix use of readlink.
2013-12-02 Rudolf Polzerrlwrap: also limit history size, not that it should...
2013-12-02 Rudolf PolzerDon't use rlwrap -r, it has no expiry.
2013-10-31 terencehillRemove runes/curses bit mask specifications from eventl...
2013-10-31 terencehillUpdate and simplify beginning of section I of mapping.txt
2013-10-31 terencehillRemove references to Runematch in mapping.txt
2013-10-31 terencehillDocument that currently CA can have a more than 2 teams
2013-10-28 Rudolf PolzerRemove nimbussansl.pk3 from builds.
2013-10-15 Rudolf PolzerCheck in checkupdate.txt.
2013-10-13 Rudolf PolzerUnload 640x480 fonts in the other files too.
2013-10-12 Rudolf PolzerKill 640x480 hacks. Expect somewhat large font at 640x4...
2013-10-10 Rudolf PolzerGet rid of separate -crypto.zip download; instead inclu...
2013-10-09 Rudolf Polzerthe-big-benchmark: turn off desktopfullscreen
2013-09-29 Rudolf PolzerRework how scale works: bsp, vis, scale, light, minimap
2013-09-20 Rudolf PolzerUpdate lightmap flags for now supported GPUs.
2013-09-20 Rudolf PolzerAllow more timeout stealing. Small tickling, should...
2013-09-20 Rudolf Polzerfix wrong var name
2013-09-18 Rudolf PolzerFoo. Fixed.
2013-09-18 Rudolf PolzerFix.
2013-09-18 Rudolf PolzerEnforce sRGB lighting for new maps.
2013-09-14 Rudolf Polzermove some files where they belong
2013-09-13 Rudolf PolzerBUILD=native
2013-09-13 Rudolf Polzerfix depsdir name
2013-09-13 Rudolf PolzerRetry screenshotting failed maps on each commit.
2013-09-13 Rudolf PolzerMore timeout playing.
2013-09-12 Rudolf Polzerplay with timeouts
2013-09-12 Rudolf PolzerSupport the deps subdirs.
2013-09-12 Rudolf PolzerMove libraries into subdirectories for better selectivi...
2013-09-12 Rudolf PolzerHandle errors right.
2013-09-08 Rudolf Polzerfix typo
2013-09-08 Rudolf Polzeradd lazy hack to fix jpeg problem. Needs to be turned...
2013-09-08 Rudolf Polzersys_ticrate is now impure, so remove it
2013-08-31 Rudolf PolzerFix for stupid bug.
2013-08-12 Rudolf Polzerstop using libjpeg as shared on linux
2013-08-10 Rudolf Polzermore fixing
2013-08-09 Rudolf PolzerDid I mention I hate this ../../../../../../../../...
2013-08-08 Rudolf Polzeradd an -I
2013-08-08 Rudolf Polzeractually, we need more than that
2013-08-08 Rudolf Polzermove ircspam output to stderr
2013-08-08 Rudolf PolzerMore rijndael fixing.
2013-08-08 Rudolf Polzermake the other lib linkage explicit too
2013-08-08 NikoliFix crypto
2013-08-03 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://de.git.xonotic.org/xonot...
2013-08-02 Rudolf Polzernext attempt to make this stupid mess work... why didn...
2013-08-02 Rudolf Polzerfix extension
2013-08-02 Rudolf PolzerFix sdl-config call.
2013-08-01 Nikolinow darkplaces builds in subdirs
2013-07-27 Rudolf Polzerget rid of modplug
2013-07-24 Rudolf Polzerattempt to make xonotic work with new build system...