a new synonym "foreach" just so I can see if my change to ciabot.pl works
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2010-03-25 Rudolf Polzera new synonym "foreach" just so I can see if my change...
2010-03-25 Rudolf Polzera foreach command
2010-03-25 Rudolf Polzeradd a feature to run the game. NOTE: the option -xonoti...
2010-03-24 xonoticempty commits won't do. Instead, adding the synonym...
2010-03-24 xonoticimprove help text
2010-03-24 xonoticadd compile to the help text
2010-03-24 xonoticcompile script
2010-03-23 xonoticadd xonotic-nexcompat
2010-03-22 xonoticsupport stupid rcp-style notation for ssh paths in...
2010-03-20 Rudolf Polzerargh, fix nasty bug in ./all update
2010-03-20 Rudolf Polzermake ./all push work
2010-03-20 Rudolf Polzer./all push
2010-03-20 Rudolf Polzer./all branch BRANCHNAME - makes a new branch
2010-03-18 xonoticmake the help screen work
2010-03-18 xonoticnew "all" script, even better