2013-08-14 Dale WeilerCleanups
2013-08-14 Dale WeilerSome statistics as Samual wanted.
2013-08-14 Dale WeilerDisable statistics that are irrelevant to QuakeC coders
2013-08-14 Dale WeilerRemove the attempt at ast_intrinsic node
2013-08-14 Dale WeilerSome intrinsic cleanups
2013-08-14 Dale WeilerSome typos
2013-08-01 Dale Weilerincrement the optimization counter for DCE'd folds...
2013-08-01 Dale WeilerTestsuite now returns the correct value on test failure...
2013-08-01 Dale WeilerDisable the macros to keep clang happy (just uncomment...
2013-08-01 Dale WeilerAdded -Oconst-fold-dce (dead code elimination optimizat...
2013-07-31 Dale WeilerFix that typecast
2013-07-31 Dale WeilerMove const-branch-elision into fold.c
2013-07-31 Dale WeilerRemove debugging aid and left over cruft.
2013-07-31 Dale WeilerThe problem was so subtle
2013-07-31 Dale WeilerFixes
2013-07-31 Dale Weilerfixed vector ops constant folding.
2013-07-31 Dale Weilermore fixes
2013-07-31 Dale WeilerFixes
2013-07-31 Dale WeilerOperator constant folding rewrite almost complete,...
2013-07-31 Dale Weilerfolding for lteqgt (less than equal to or greater than...
2013-07-31 Dale WeilerFeed clang demon
2013-07-31 Dale Weiler&& and || op folding
2013-07-31 Dale WeilerFold for div op
2013-07-31 Dale WeilerAdded constant folding support for '*' .. Clever ascii...
2013-07-31 Dale WeilerSome cleanups and more support for constant folding.
2013-07-31 Dale WeilerWork in progress constant-folding rewrite.
2013-07-30 Dale WeilerExperimental/Initial try at in-ast constant folding...
2013-07-30 Dale WeilerI'm in a state of confusion as to why constant folding...
2013-07-30 Dale WeilerUse the _t consistency naming scheme. Also various...
2013-07-30 Dale WeilerMove some things around
2013-07-28 Dale WeilerSome cleanups and smaller binaries!
2013-07-28 Dale Weilercherry-pick diagnostics testsuite into cooking. We...
2013-07-27 Dale WeilerMerge pull request #116 from ignatenkobrain/cooking
2013-07-27 Igor Gnatenkoadd instruction
2013-07-27 Igor Gnatenkoadd updated spec and rename it
2013-07-27 Igor Gnatenkonot needed yet
2013-07-27 Dale WeilerClear out for now.
2013-07-27 Dale WeilerMake COMPILER_QCC default to please the stuborn Quake...
2013-07-27 Dale WeilerSome typos
2013-07-27 Dale WeilerNot to be included
2013-07-27 Dale WeilerFedora spec files (0.2.9 and 0.3.0) + INSTALL documenta...
2013-07-27 Dale WeilerPlease the whitespace gods
2013-07-26 Dale WeilerRevert "Smaller memory footprint, 4/8 bytes vs 12/24...
2013-07-26 Dale WeilerSmaller memory footprint, 4/8 bytes vs 12/24 for indivi...
2013-07-26 Dale WeilerTrack strdup memory too
2013-07-26 Dale WeilerThere was too many 16-sized buckets when compiling...
2013-07-26 Dale WeilerFix the ctype replacements to work with macro arguments...
2013-07-21 Dale WeilerEeasy fix for that
2013-07-21 Dale WeilerOne last one
2013-07-21 Dale WeilerAnother one
2013-07-21 Dale WeilerTechnically GCC was wrong here, since opts_ini_parse...
2013-07-19 Dale WeilerCleanups
2013-07-04 Dale WeilerUpdate gmqcc.ini.example
2013-07-01 Wolfgang Bumillerfix typo
2013-06-22 Wolfgang Bumilleractually no :)
2013-06-22 Dale WeilerFix a case of the uninitialized blues
2013-06-22 Dale WeilerFix some more bugs (coverity you're a life saver)
2013-06-22 Dale WeilerBuffer overflow!
2013-06-22 Dale WeilerFix some bugs and a memleak in the testsuite.
2013-06-22 Dale WeilerMore bug fixes and dead code elimination
2013-06-22 Dale WeilerFix out of bound access
2013-06-22 Dale WeilerFix some more bugs, and use dup2 because dup leaks...
2013-06-22 Dale WeilerUpdate clean rules in makefiles to remove coverity...
2013-06-22 Dale WeilerFixed possible bug in VM. Added coverity rules to makef...
2013-06-22 Dale WeilerFix uninitialized data
2013-06-21 Dale WeilerFix a sizeof bug
2013-06-21 Dale WeilerI'm assuming this is a bug since all other read tests...
2013-06-21 Dale WeilerCatch that one too
2013-06-21 Dale WeilerImproper use of a possible negative value.
2013-06-21 Dale WeilerRemove a ton of dead code and document the one really...
2013-06-21 Dale Weilercppcheck had the right idea, but the wrong scope on...
2013-06-21 Dale WeilerFix more bugs (mostly possible NULL pointer dereferences)
2013-06-21 Dale WeilerFix possible NULL pointer dereference
2013-06-21 Dale WeilerFix some bugs
2013-06-20 Dale WeilerOh my god microsoft you suck
2013-06-20 Dale WeilerMove code generator into ir_builder for earlier free...
2013-06-18 Dale WeilerFix some comments
2013-06-18 Dale WeilerRetarded clang warning is retarded.
2013-06-18 Dale WeilerHoly mexicans 15% better hashing == 5% faster compiles.
2013-06-17 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-06-17 Dale WeilerEnable it for gmqcc and fteqcc modes.
2013-06-17 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' of github.com:graphitemaster...
2013-06-17 Dale WeilerFix some bugs
2013-06-16 Dale Weilermake source a dependency for the c.o rule
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerFixed
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerUse includes for makefile consistency. Added make depen...
2013-06-16 Wolfgang Bumillerreclassify_token should only deal with tokens < TOKEN_S...
2013-06-16 Wolfgang Bumillerreclassify_token should only deal with tokens < TOKEN_S...
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerUpdate
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerBetter scheme
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerA new batch of fresh hot dependencies for both
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerDependency consistency
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerUpdate some things
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerUpdate install file
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerA Makefile for BSD make.
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerMake it compile with g++ again
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerUhh forgot to save file
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerFix memleak
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerUpdate
2013-06-16 Dale WeilerAdd the good old xor swap trick to the xor test, yes...