2013-01-01 Dale WeilerImplemented a optimized hash-set that can be used in...
2013-01-01 Dale WeilerHappy new years!
2012-12-31 Dale WeilerFix util_vasprintf.
2012-12-31 Dale WeilerAdd todo about util_vasprintf (too lazy to fix right...
2012-12-31 Dale WeilerFix #include for <machine/endian.h> s/endiane/endian/
2012-12-31 Wolfgang BumillerActually allocate a nil-vector for nil
2012-12-31 Wolfgang Bumilleradd codegen_output_type to ast_binary_codegen
2012-12-31 Wolfgang Bumillerfix store op for nil as parameter
2012-12-31 Wolfgang BumillerAdding '&~=' to the -std=gmqcc operator list
2012-12-31 Wolfgang BumillerAnother hardcoded -std=gmqcc option removed and added...
2012-12-31 Wolfgang Bumillerremove another hardcoded -std=gmqcc case
2012-12-31 Wolfgang Bumiller-std=gmqcc now implies -Werror-missing-return-values...
2012-12-31 Wolfgang BumillerJust allow variable declarations in for-loop initialize...
2012-12-31 Wolfgang BumillerChanging -Wtoo-few-parameters to -Winvalid-parameter...
2012-12-31 Wolfgang BumillerAdding some more internal-error messages where they...
2012-12-31 Wolfgang Bumillernil in ternary, and fix ternary to honor -fcorrect...
2012-12-31 Wolfgang BumillerExplicitly allow 'return nil'
2012-12-31 Wolfgang BumillerThis should actually cover all nil cases
2012-12-31 Wolfgang Bumillernil check in paramter type checking
2012-12-31 Wolfgang BumillerAllow assigning nil to a field
2012-12-31 Wolfgang Bumillergmqcc.ini.example: -Wparenthesis
2012-12-31 Wolfgang Bumillermanpage: -Wparenthesis
2012-12-31 Wolfgang BumillerActivate -Wparenthesis by default
2012-12-31 Wolfgang BumillerAdding -Wparenthesis, fixing constant folding of &...
2012-12-30 Dale WeilerFix evaluation order bug
2012-12-30 Wolfgang BumillerDo we REALLY need to listen to splint?
2012-12-30 Wolfgang BumillerClean up trailing whitespaces
2012-12-30 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' of github.com:graphitemaster...
2012-12-30 Dale WeilerAdd support for user defined messages for [[deprecated...
2012-12-30 Wolfgang Bumillerfix: ftepp_delete needs to ftepp_flush to not cause...
2012-12-30 Dale WeilerImplement [[deprecated]] general attribute, will mark...
2012-12-29 Wolfgang BumillerProperly support globals initialized to nil
2012-12-29 Wolfgang Bumillerimprovie/fix \{x...} char parsing
2012-12-29 Wolfgang Bumillergmqcc.ini.example: DIFFERENT_QUALIFIERS, DIFFERENT_ATTR...
2012-12-29 Wolfgang Bumillermanpage: -Wdifferent-qualifiers -Wdifferent-attributes
2012-12-29 Wolfgang Bumiller-Wdifferent-qualifiers, -Wdifferent-attributes
2012-12-29 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' of github.com:graphitemaster...
2012-12-29 Dale WeilerFix uninitialized-global
2012-12-29 Wolfgang BumillerDon't allow code like: v * '0 1 0' = 3; to actually...
2012-12-29 Wolfgang Bumillergmqcc.ini.example: VECTOR_COMPONENTS
2012-12-29 Wolfgang Bumillermanpage: -Ovector-components
2012-12-29 Wolfgang Bumiller-Ovector-components
2012-12-29 Dale WeilerMerge pull request #80 from matthiaskrgr/master
2012-12-28 matthiaskrgrMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2012-12-28 matthiaskrgradd .gitignore file
2012-12-28 Wolfgang BumillerTypo...
2012-12-28 Wolfgang BumillerUpdating gmqcc.ini.example
2012-12-28 Wolfgang BumillerGMQCC_GITINFO
2012-12-28 Wolfgang Bumillermore general qualifier/attribute parsing, added not...
2012-12-28 Wolfgang Bumillermanpage: -Wuninitialized-constant -Wuninitialized-global
2012-12-28 Wolfgang Bumillernoref testcase must use -Wno-uninitialized-global
2012-12-28 Wolfgang Bumiller-Wuninitialized-const, -Wuninitialized-global
2012-12-28 Wolfgang Bumillermanpage: -Wreserved-names, -funtyped-nil, -fpermissive
2012-12-28 Wolfgang Bumiller-Wreserved-names, -fpermissive allows local variables...
2012-12-28 Wolfgang Bumiller'nil' global with -funtyped-nil
2012-12-28 Wolfgang BumillerTYPE_NIL, builder->nil, ast_value_codegen for TYPE_NIL
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerFix teh paren!
2012-12-28 Dale Weileradded util_vasprintf/util_asprintf .. so we can stop...
2012-12-28 Dale Weilermemleak
2012-12-28 Dale Weilers/\t/ /g - utf8.c
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerFix another Blub bug .. learn to use comments properly :P
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerFix a very possible bug
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerFixed another possible implementation specific bug...
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerFix another warning
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerFix another warning
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerFix one warning
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerAdded splint.sh (a progressive way to fix some possible...
2012-12-28 Wolfgang BumillerSo why doesn't any popular compiler complain about...
2012-12-28 Wolfgang Bumiller... This... I'll have to git rewrite-history at some...
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerWorking on getting gmqcc to work when compiled with tcc
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerReorder operands
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerQuoting of strings is forbid in some "make" implementations
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerGot it working on arm :)
2012-12-28 Dale WeilerAlways use -fsigned-char .. The compiler I was using...
2012-12-27 Wolfgang Bumillermanpage: -floop-labels
2012-12-27 Wolfgang BumillerSome default options for -std=gmqcc including -floop...
2012-12-27 Wolfgang Bumillerfinish parsing of labeled loops; ast support added
2012-12-27 Wolfgang Bumillerdistinguish between break/continue levels in the parser
2012-12-27 Wolfgang Bumillerparsing of loop labels
2012-12-27 Wolfgang Bumillerthere's no -f flag named overlap-locals... removed...
2012-12-27 Wolfgang BumillerMerge pull request #77 from matthiaskrgr/PKGBUILD
2012-12-27 matthiaskrgrPKGBUILDs: note myself as contributor.
2012-12-27 Wolfgang Bumillerbumping arch/release PKGBUILD to 0.2.2
2012-12-27 Wolfgang BumillerAnother bool->int fix; now clang-compiled gmqcc actuall...
2012-12-27 Wolfgang Bumillermanpage: -fbail-on-werror
2012-12-27 Wolfgang Bumiller-fbail-on-werror option
2012-12-27 Wolfgang Bumillerfix: when there are no additional temps the first one...
2012-12-27 Wolfgang BumillerMerge pull request #75 from matthiaskrgr/master
2012-12-26 Wolfgang Bumillermanpage: -Oglobal-temps
2012-12-26 Wolfgang Bumiller-Oglobal-temps
2012-12-26 Wolfgang Bumillerfix -v option parsing in qcvm
2012-12-26 Wolfgang Bumillerfactoring out temp-slot-assignment and using it for...
2012-12-26 matthiaskrgrmanpage: gmqcc: fix typo
2012-12-26 matthiaskrgrINSTALL: mention ArchLinux PKGBUILDs.
2012-12-26 Wolfgang BumillerSwitch over to LONGBIT
2012-12-26 Wolfgang BumillerMerge pull request #74 from matthiaskrgr/PKGBUILD
2012-12-26 matthiaskrgrPKGBUILD: formatting
2012-12-26 matthiaskrgradd PKGBUILD for release build.
2012-12-26 matthiaskrgrPKGBUILD: license is MIT
2012-12-26 Wolfgang Bumillerfix uninitialized warnings in ir.c