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2013-04-27 Wolfgang Bumillerthis should be tagged 0.2.9 0.2.9
2013-04-26 Wolfgang Bumillerfix distro/ Makefiles
2013-04-26 Wolfgang Bumillerdon't overwrite ldflags/libs env vars
2013-04-26 Dale WeilerFix OSX compiles
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerAdd expressions for builtins test
2013-04-25 Wolfgang Bumillersolve it, not hide it
2013-04-25 Wolfgang BumillerRevert "Just fucking initialize everything"
2013-04-25 Wolfgang Bumillermanpage and ini update
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerJust fucking initialize everything
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerPushing the -fexpressions-for-builtins stuff and the...
2013-04-25 Wolfgang Bumillerthis allows builtin numbers to be constant expressions...
2013-04-25 Wolfgang Bumillerchange the value of TOKEN_EOF
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerLess extern
2013-04-25 Dale Weilercleaner
2013-04-25 Dale Weilerless globals
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerNo more globals for codegen
2013-04-25 Wolfgang Bumillerthese can be const now before-library
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerThat is also not needed anymore
2013-04-25 Dale Weilernot needed for arm anymore
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerApply some static where it belongs
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerFix alignment issues (can remove a clang warning, and...
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerUse the LIBS properly
2013-04-24 Wolfgang BumillerGrrrr
2013-04-24 Wolfgang Bumillermanpage: document and explain __FUNC__ and __NULL__
2013-04-24 Wolfgang BumillerAllow string concatenation in the parser as well, for...
2013-04-24 Dale WeilerA nicer way of doing this
2013-04-24 Dale Weilerremove irrelevant comment
2013-04-24 Dale Weilerfree the memory for asprintf
2013-04-24 Dale WeilerShitty testsuite support for windows the hacky way...
2013-04-24 Wolfgang Bumillertest for the simple __FUNC__ case
2013-04-24 Wolfgang Bumillerrecognize the simple case of __FUNC__ in the parser
2013-04-24 Dale Weilerfix the intrinsic fail
2013-04-24 Dale Weilertypo
2013-04-24 Dale WeilerImplemented __TIME_STAMP__ predef, expands to a timesta...
2013-04-24 Dale WeilerMake ftepps __NULL__ translate to gmqccs untyped nil...
2013-04-24 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-04-24 Dale WeilerGet it compiling in visual studio again.
2013-04-23 Dale WeilerMake it compile as C++ code too
2013-04-23 Wolfgang Bumillerfix noreturn testcase descriptions... those were mixed up
2013-04-23 Wolfgang Bumillerinitialize the vector member array so that 'cleanup...
2013-04-23 Wolfgang BumillerMakefile: be more conformant: at link-time use LDFLAGS...
2013-04-22 Wolfgang Bumillermisc/check-doc.sh
2013-04-22 Dale WeilerWebsite target to distro makefile for updating gh-pages
2013-04-22 Dale WeilerAdd download.c (used for generating the download.html...
2013-04-22 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-04-22 Dale WeilerProper install names (preserve the .exe for win32 builds)
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerMerge pull request #105 from matthiaskrgr/icon
2013-04-21 Matthias Krügermake: gource: display gmqcc icon in video.
2013-04-21 Matthias Krügeradd gmqcc icon found on ohloh.
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' of github.com:graphitemaster...
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerSome stuff for building win32 packages via mingw32
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerMerge pull request #104 from matthiaskrgr/PKGBUILD_master
2013-04-21 Matthias KrügerPKGBUILD: archlinux: git: install syntax files to respe...
2013-04-21 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerRemove trailing whitespace
2013-04-21 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-04-21 Wolfgang Bumillerupdating the manpage
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerFixes
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'cooking'
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerUpdate CHANGES
2013-04-21 Dale Weilerupdate README to reflect syntax highlighting stuff.
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerAdd jedit syntax highlighting support, thanks to LordHa...
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerThis is suppoted now
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerAdd syntax configuration file for gtksourceview (this...
2013-04-21 Dale Weilertypo
2013-04-21 Dale Weilerupdate README for syntax highlighting stuff
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerA more realistic preprocessor concatenation test.
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerUndo that fail
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerBetter output on failure
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerMore preprocessor testsuite support and our first prepr...
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerMore preprocessor testing support for the testsuite.
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerInitial preprocessor procedure option for testsuite...
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerWe don't need to specify "-should fail" because we...
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerI did it, I did it, I did it, horray!, Thanks Dora...
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerSome work in progress preprocessing test work
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerRemove hashset
2013-04-17 Wolfgang Bumillerparser_const_string now uses hashtables; hashtables...
2013-04-17 Wolfgang Bumillerfix warnings to allow compiling with -O3
2013-04-17 Dale WeilerSome inline never hurt anyone .. actually, C made a...
2013-04-17 Dale WeilerUse hashtable for macro definitions in the preprocessor...
2013-04-17 Wolfgang Bumillerdon't call ftepp_finish on a freed ftepp struct
2013-04-17 Dale WeilerMore perliminary reworking for threading
2013-04-17 Dale WeilerFix compile for windows.
2013-04-17 Dale WeilerPerliminary parser reworking, required for the proposed...
2013-04-16 Dale WeilerFix typo in kate syntax highlighting installation docum...
2013-04-16 Dale WeilerAdded syntax highlighting configuration files (with...
2013-04-16 Wolfgang Bumillerlex_try_pragma: free the buffers
2013-04-16 Dale WeilerFix memdump printing
2013-04-15 Dale WeilerRewrote memory tracking, now prints highest water mark...
2013-04-15 Wolfgang Bumillerfix macro parameters
2013-04-15 Wolfgang Bumillerast_expression_delete: delete varparam if it is set...
2013-04-15 Wolfgang Bumillerfix memleak in ast_local_codegen
2013-04-15 Wolfgang Bumillerutil_strdup: don't use util_memory_a with -DNOTRACK
2013-04-15 Dale WeilerGCC specific stuff compile flags.
2013-04-14 Dale WeilerAdded tracing to strdup for allocations, fixed some...
2013-04-14 Dale Weilercleanups
2013-04-14 Dale WeilerFet rid of explicit file stream flushes, streams are...
2013-04-14 Dale WeilerRemove one more external function
2013-04-14 Dale WeilerMore flattening. I don't know why I turned off bufferin...
2013-04-14 Dale WeilerFlatten more external functions