[xonotic/gmqcc.git] / util.c
2012-04-24 Dale WeilerAUTHORS
2012-04-22 Dale Weilerundo util_endianswap
2012-04-22 Dale Weiler-fdarkplaces-stringtablebug
2012-04-22 Dale WeilerLanguage type selection at command line.
2012-04-21 Dale Weilerslightly faster hash function (using crc32), with preco...
2012-04-20 Dale Weilercommand line argument parsing.
2012-04-19 Dale WeilerIndentation
2012-04-19 Dale Weilerensure all data is LE format, cleanups, etc.
2012-04-17 Dale WeilerFix clang warnings
2012-04-17 Dale WeilerFix memory leaks, more memory tracker stuff as well.
2012-04-17 Dale Weilertabulators->four spaces
2012-04-17 Dale WeilerFix potential bug with derefrencing a NULL pointer
2012-04-17 Dale Weilerreplaced getline with util_getline
2012-04-17 Dale WeilerWork in progress assembler, cleanups and more.
2012-04-15 Dale WeilerCleanups
2012-04-15 Dale WeilerRemoved primitive AST tree generator ... I'm planning...
2012-04-11 Dale WeilerCount file lines
2012-04-10 Dale Weilercode.c, info.txt