Tweak for coding convention
[xonotic/gmqcc.git] / util.c
2014-02-23 Jim ThoenenTweak for coding convention
2014-02-11 Jim ThoenenAllow testsuite to pass on big endian
2014-02-08 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2014-02-02 Wolfgang Bumillermoving the length multiplication for 64 bit types from...
2014-02-02 Dale WeilerMerge pull request #141 from CurrentResident/big_endian...
2014-02-02 Jim ThoenenUpdate per IRC peer review feedback
2014-02-02 Jim ThoenenOops, scale int64 count into int32 count for swapper.
2014-02-02 Jim ThoenenBig-endian: Byteswap only the field contents when writi...
2014-01-26 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2014-01-01 Dale WeilerHappy new year!
2013-11-30 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-11-30 Dale WeilerMerge pull request #139 from ignatenkobrain/update_fedora
2013-11-30 Dale WeilerMerge pull request #138 from ignatenkobrain/fix_authors
2013-11-30 Dale WeilerMerge pull request #137 from ignatenkobrain/fix_build_b...
2013-11-30 Igor Gnatenkofix build on big endian arches
2013-11-29 Dale Weilercleanup
2013-11-25 Dale WeilerFix CRC16
2013-11-23 Dale WeilerUndefine macros after using them
2013-11-23 Dale WeilerMark restrict on input too
2013-11-23 Dale WeilerMark const for better generated code
2013-11-23 Dale WeilerAdd comment abotu CRC16
2013-11-23 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'cooking' of
2013-11-23 Wolfgang Bumillercrc16 slice-by-8 table generator code included for...
2013-11-23 Wolfgang Bumillerslice-by-8 crc16
2013-11-23 Dale Weilerindent
2013-11-23 Dale WeilerA better mod implementation
2013-11-23 Dale WeilerAdd reference tool
2013-11-23 Dale WeilerFaster CRC16 algorithm based on the Slicing-by-8 algori...
2013-10-31 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'cooking'
2013-10-18 Dale WeilerWe're doing it this way.
2013-10-11 Dale WeilerFix windows builds, add strip target for makefiles...
2013-10-11 Dale WeilerSome cleanups
2013-10-11 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'cooking' of git://
2013-10-11 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'cleanup' into cooking
2013-10-11 Dale WeilerSome more cleanup
2013-10-11 Dale WeilerRefactor some util/platform usage and extend file syste...
2013-10-11 Dale WeilerMore cleanups, gmqcc.h doesn't need to include stdio...
2013-10-11 Dale WeilerInitial platform / compiler specific code refactoring.
2013-09-30 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-09-08 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-08-30 Dale WeilerRid of util_debug
2013-08-22 Dale WeilerSome typos
2013-08-17 Dale WeilerRemove some trailing whitespace
2013-08-14 Dale WeilerSome bug fixes
2013-08-14 Dale WeilerRemove my MT impl for PRNG, it's full of buffer overflo...
2013-08-14 Dale WeilerFix
2013-08-14 Dale WeilerCleanups
2013-08-14 Dale WeilerSome statistics as Samual wanted.
2013-07-28 Dale WeilerSome cleanups and smaller binaries!
2013-06-22 Dale WeilerFix some more bugs (coverity you're a life saver)
2013-06-22 Dale WeilerBuffer overflow!
2013-06-20 Dale WeilerOh my god microsoft you suck
2013-06-17 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-06-14 Dale WeilerFixed whitespace
2013-06-09 Dale WeilerFix builds
2013-06-06 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'cooking'
2013-06-06 Dale WeilerStrict prototyping
2013-06-04 Dale WeilerMajor header reworking, this respects the namespaces...
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerMajor utility rewrite for compiler memory utilization...
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerSome static
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerHashtable statistics too
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerTrack hashtables too
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerTrack strdups too in the statistics
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerThis was an experiment that snuk it's way inside that...
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerVector tracing, step two in determining how to lower...
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerGuart statistics by option.
2013-06-02 Dale WeilerAdd statistics for vector usage to the output. Step...
2013-06-01 Dale WeilerDoh
2013-06-01 Dale WeilerFix some possible memleaks.
2013-06-01 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-06-01 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-05-29 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'union-replacement' into cooking
2013-05-29 Dale WeilerMajor export cleanup. Anything that was exported but...
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerApply some static where it belongs
2013-04-25 Dale WeilerFix alignment issues (can remove a clang warning, and...
2013-04-24 Wolfgang BumillerGrrrr
2013-04-24 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-04-24 Dale WeilerGet it compiling in visual studio again.
2013-04-21 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerRemove trailing whitespace
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'cooking'
2013-04-21 Dale WeilerRemove hashset
2013-04-17 Wolfgang Bumillerparser_const_string now uses hashtables; hashtables...
2013-04-17 Dale WeilerUse hashtable for macro definitions in the preprocessor...
2013-04-16 Dale WeilerFix memdump printing
2013-04-15 Dale WeilerRewrote memory tracking, now prints highest water mark...
2013-04-15 Wolfgang Bumillerutil_strdup: don't use util_memory_a with -DNOTRACK
2013-04-14 Dale WeilerAdded tracing to strdup for allocations, fixed some...
2013-04-14 Dale WeilerMore function flatening
2013-02-03 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-01-30 Dale WeilerGet it compiling with C++ compilers again.
2013-01-30 Dale WeilerRename
2013-01-30 Dale WeilerWork in progress options cleanup.
2013-01-06 Dale Weilerremove never reached return
2013-01-04 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'correct'
2013-01-04 Dale WeilerCleanups and add the corrector to the makefile. Starti...
2013-01-03 Dale WeilerWork on "did you mean? <ident>" support for errors...
2013-01-01 Dale WeilerImplemented a optimized hash-set that can be used in...
2013-01-01 Dale WeilerHappy new years!
2012-12-31 Dale WeilerFix util_vasprintf.