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More fixes
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2012-12-20 Dale WeilerMore fixes
2012-12-19 Dale WeilerTypos
2012-12-19 Dale WeilerImplemened -fail procedure type for testsuite. Essenti...
2012-12-18 Wolfgang (Blub)... cmd_options -> opts_cmd_t to make testsuite and executo...
2012-12-16 Dale WeilerFix testsuite. Also added an additional test to the...
2012-12-06 Wolfgang (Blub)... Moving all the global opts_ variables into a struct...
2012-12-04 Dale WeilerFix testsuite for -compile cases
2012-12-02 Dale WeilerFixes
2012-12-02 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' of github.com:graphitemaster...
2012-12-02 Dale WeilerImproved testsuite diagnostics
2012-12-02 Dale WeilerFix testsuite
2012-11-26 Dale WeilerRemove trailing whitespace for Blub.
2012-11-25 Dale WeilerFix the testsuite to properly error on failed loads
2012-11-25 Wolfgang (Blub)... Fixing propogate->propAgate typo in test.c
2012-11-25 Wolfgang (Blub)... s/succeed/succeeded/
2012-11-25 Wolfgang (Blub)... Simplify some condition in the tester
2012-11-23 Dale WeilerSign conversion fixes in exec.c
2012-11-23 Dale Weilerchange choice of diagnostics for ftepp to use lex_ctx...
2012-11-22 Dale WeilerFix memory leaks
2012-11-22 Dale Weileroops
2012-11-22 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' of github.com:graphitemaster...
2012-11-22 Dale WeilerRemove requirement for E
2012-11-21 Dale WeilerMake blub happy
2012-11-21 Dale Weilerless verbosity from test suite, just the way blub wants it
2012-11-20 Dale WeilerImplemented multi-line comparitive tests, fixed output...
2012-11-19 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' into test-suite
2012-11-19 Dale WeilerAdded command line parsing to test-suite
2012-11-19 Dale Weilerstdout/stderr logging functional now.
2012-11-18 Dale WeilerTest suite now logs stdout/stderr to respective files
2012-11-17 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' into test-suite
2012-11-17 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' into test-suite
2012-11-17 Dale WeilerAdded more tests, fixed existing ones, and some more...
2012-11-17 Dale Weilersigh
2012-11-17 Dale WeilerFix test suite
2012-11-17 Dale WeilerTest system works, and added some working tests!
2012-11-17 Dale WeilerActually commit the new test stuff