Update doc/specification.tex
[xonotic/gmqcc.git] / distro /
2013-02-03 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-02-02 Dale WeilerFix this target for archlinux
2013-02-02 Dale WeilerMerge pull request #96 from matthiaskrgr/cooking_PKGBUILD
2013-02-02 matthiaskrgrPKGBUILDs: rename "arch" to "archlinux", move archbsd...
2013-01-27 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'cooking' of github.com:graphitemaster...
2013-01-27 Wolfgang Bumillerimporting bsd-git/PKGBUILD
2013-01-27 Wolfgang Bumillerfixing an install cmd in bsd-release/PKGBUILD
2013-01-27 Wolfgang Bumillerimporting ArchBSD release PKGBUILD
2013-01-27 Wolfgang Bumilleradding pkgrel to arch/this, and getting rid of du's...
2013-01-27 Dale WeilerFixes, updates, and added uninstall target for makefile
2013-01-27 Dale WeilerAdd back the removal of the package directory after...
2013-01-27 Dale WeilerFix the size calculation
2013-01-27 Dale WeilerAdd this/Makefile for generating a .tar.xz for arch...
2013-01-25 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'master' into cooking
2013-01-18 Dale WeilerFix debian package building, now works.
2013-01-17 Wolfgang Bumillerremoving unused vars, and following conventions
2013-01-17 Dale Weiler-f to supress error if file doesn't exist for rm clean...
2013-01-17 Dale WeilerUse $(PREFIX)
2013-01-17 Dale WeilerFix the brokenness
2013-01-17 Wolfgang BumillerRather than performing copying the install-procedure...
2013-01-17 Dale WeilerAdded makefile script for generating deb packages the...
2013-01-10 Wolfgang Bumillergit package is now named gmqcc-git, also added conflict...
2013-01-10 Wolfgang Bumillerthe -git PKGBUILD needs 'git' as makedepends according...
2012-12-27 Wolfgang BumillerMerge pull request #77 from matthiaskrgr/PKGBUILD
2012-12-27 matthiaskrgrPKGBUILDs: note myself as contributor.
2012-12-27 Wolfgang Bumillerbumping arch/release PKGBUILD to 0.2.2
2012-12-26 Wolfgang BumillerMerge pull request #74 from matthiaskrgr/PKGBUILD
2012-12-26 matthiaskrgrPKGBUILD: formatting
2012-12-26 matthiaskrgradd PKGBUILD for release build.
2012-12-26 matthiaskrgrPKGBUILD: license is MIT
2012-12-26 matthiaskrgrPKGBUILD: install custom license file.
2012-12-26 matthiaskrgrPKGBUILD: license is not GPL actually
2012-12-26 matthiaskrgradd PKGBUILD for git build.