catch broken vector member access
[xonotic/gmqcc.git] / ast.cpp
2018-01-14 Wolfgang Bumillercatch broken vector member access
2017-11-26 Dale WeilerMerge pull request #180 from xonotic/mem_leak_fix_on_fa...
2016-12-03 Wolfgang Bumillerc++: ir_function::m_params
2016-12-03 Wolfgang Bumillerc++: ir_block::m_instr
2016-12-03 Wolfgang Bumillerc++: ir_block::m_entries
2016-11-24 Dale WeilerRemove parser m_uses in favor of {IR,AST}_FLAG_NOREF...
2016-11-19 Wolfgang Bumillerfix access to fields of vector members
2016-01-03 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'master' into cleanup
2015-05-02 Wolfgang Bumillertempcommitting a whole bunch of to-c++ conversions graphitemaster/cleanup
2015-02-01 Wolfgang BumillerMerge branch 'cleanup' of git://
2015-02-01 Wolfgang Bumillerast_unary::make: safer double-negation optimization...
2015-02-01 Wolfgang Bumillerfix backward propagateSideEffect impl
2015-02-01 Wolfgang Bumillerdestructor call order is important here
2015-02-01 Wolfgang Bumillerast conversion mostly finished
2015-01-30 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'cleanup' of
2015-01-29 Wolfgang BumillerBROKEN: more ast nodes converted
2015-01-25 Wolfgang BumillerBROKEN: in the middle of converting ast nodes to c...
2015-01-24 Wolfgang Bumillera whole lotta 'm_'s
2015-01-20 Wolfgang Bumillerfor now just call the dtors like this
2015-01-20 Wolfgang Bumillermore c++ migration for ast/ir/code; reached a working...
2015-01-20 Wolfgang Bumillertemp committing major c++ification
2015-01-19 Wolfgang Bumillermaking ast nodes derive from ast_expression
2015-01-19 Wolfgang Bumillerast_expression: params -> type_params
2015-01-19 Wolfgang Bumillerrenaming ast_function::vtype to function_type
2015-01-19 Wolfgang Bumillerast_expression now derives from ast_node
2015-01-19 Wolfgang Bumillerrenaming some ast_node members before making ast_expres...
2015-01-16 Dale WeilerRewrite constant folder in C++
2015-01-15 Dale Weilers/NULL/nullptr/
2015-01-15 Dale WeilerUse std::vector for static_names
2015-01-15 Dale WeilerUse std::vector for break and continue ast blocks
2015-01-15 Dale WeilerUse std::vector for ast switch cases
2015-01-15 Dale WeilerUse std::vector for ast blocks
2015-01-15 Dale Weilerstd::vector for initlist
2015-01-15 Dale WeilerMore std::vector migration
2015-01-15 Dale WeilerInitial movement to std::vector
2015-01-15 Dale Weiler.c -> .cpp