ast_expression now derives from ast_node
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2015-01-15 Dale WeilerMake travis update to newer compilers
2015-01-14 Dale WeilerUpdate travis file
2013-09-24 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'cooking' of
2013-09-22 Dale WeilerUpdate .travis.yml
2013-09-22 Dale WeilerUpdate .travis.yml
2013-01-12 Dale WeilerUhh I did it again
2013-01-12 Dale Weilerserpate line travis-ci build url for notifications
2013-01-06 Dale WeilerMerge branch 'screwaround'
2013-01-05 Dale WeilerDon't use notices
2013-01-05 Dale WeilerBetter IRC hook
2013-01-05 Dale Weilernotifications
2013-01-05 Dale WeilerAdd irc to travis
2013-01-05 Dale WeilerAdd travis.yml