last changeWed, 27 Mar 2013 08:26:50 +0000 (09:26 +0100)
2013-03-27 Rudolf Polzeroops, it's index, not work tree, here master
2013-03-27 Rudolf Polzerproper error exit on no revision found
2013-03-27 Rudolf Polzerquick exit on exact match
2013-03-27 Rudolf Polzerhelp message
2013-03-27 Rudolf Polzeradd a tool to identify the revision of current work...
2012-01-03 Rudolf Polzergit-branch-manager: cleanup features
2011-11-03 Rudolf Polzeralso show the revert log
2011-11-03 Rudolf Polzeradd a tool to track open reverts
2011-04-29 Rudolf Polzerremove some warning mess
2011-04-29 Rudolf PolzerRevert "ignore upstream merge commits"
2011-04-22 Rudolf Polzerignore upstream merge commits
2011-04-22 Rudolf Polzermake reject/unreject/unmerge commit messages nicer
2011-04-22 Rudolf Polzerwhen rejecting/unrejecting, say so in the commit message
2011-04-22 Rudolf Polzergenerally allow empty commits
2011-04-22 Rudolf Polzeralso add command line options for this
2011-04-22 Rudolf Polzeradd a way to permanently reject an upstream commit
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