2020-11-24 MarioMerge branch 'little_update' into 'master' master xonotic-v0.8.5
2019-04-07 David CarlierUsing modern secure function to clear memory when avail...
2018-03-07 MarioMerge branch 'Lyberta/VersionInfo' into 'master'
2017-10-07 LybertaFixed version-info.
2015-05-18 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'matthiaskrgr/stuff' into 'master' xonotic-v0.8.1 xonotic-v0.8.2
2015-04-03 Matthias Krügeradd .gitignore
2015-04-03 Matthias Krügermain.c: missing va_end(ap).
2015-04-03 Matthias Krügerautogen.sh: make executable
2014-03-19 Rudolf PolzerBump version for internal changes only in this release. github/master v1.0 xonotic-v0.8.0
2014-02-05 Rudolf PolzerFix some REALLY stupid typos in the fastreject RSA...
2014-01-25 Rudolf PolzerRSA keygen: when generating a key, don't fail so often.
2013-09-12 Rudolf Polzerstupid hack
2013-07-25 Rudolf PolzerTomsFastMath support, performs at 80% GMP performance...
2013-07-18 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://push.git.xonotic.org...
2013-07-18 Rudolf Polzerfix d0_rijndael check
2013-03-18 Rudolf Polzerwe need AM_PROG_AR now xonotic-v0.7.0
2012-02-25 Rudolf Polzermark the license text as used so it never gets stripped xonotic-v0.6.0
2011-12-09 Rudolf Polzerimprove temp use v0.5
2011-12-09 Rudolf Polzeralso add d0_blind_id_verify_private_id
2011-12-09 Rudolf Polzerblind_id: add a function d0_blind_id_verify_public_id...
2011-11-27 Rudolf Polzeron G*nt**, initialized globals seem to be made of fail...
2011-11-27 Rudolf Polzerfix one possible NULL bug in d0_bignum-gmp
2011-10-27 Rudolf Polzerun-TLS the remaining buffers for extra 2k stack use
2011-10-27 Rudolf Polzerun-TLS some more buffers
2011-10-27 Rudolf Polzerdon't use AX_PTHREAD
2011-10-27 Rudolf Polzerget rid of most TLS use
2011-10-27 Rudolf Polzeruse pthread library
2011-10-25 Rudolf Polzerimplement RNG seeding and mutexes for OpenSSL, they...
2011-10-25 Rudolf Polzerexport setmallocfuncs properly
2011-10-25 Rudolf Polzeradd an interface to define malloc/free and mutex functi...
2011-10-25 Rudolf Polzermore debugging
2011-10-25 Rudolf Polzeradd mutex debugging
2011-10-25 Rudolf Polzermake keygens thread better (don't keep the lock all...
2011-10-25 Rudolf Polzeralso handle temps here
2011-10-25 Rudolf Polzermutexify the internal bignum functions
2011-10-25 Rudolf Polzeradd a framework to define mutex functions
2011-10-25 Rudolf Polzeroops, another thread bug
2011-10-25 Rudolf Polzerturn some buffers into TLS
2011-10-25 Rudolf Polzermark things that need to be made threadsafe
2011-08-18 Rudolf Polzerversion 0.3: allow variable length for sign data buffer xonotic-v0.5.0
2011-04-29 Rudolf Polzerfix const warnings
2011-04-29 Rudolf Polzerturn off the check debugger
2011-04-29 Rudolf Polzerfix usage of some functions
2011-04-29 Rudolf Polzerfix possible overrun
2011-04-29 Rudolf Polzeradd a check debugger
2011-04-29 Rudolf Polzerfix error when running
2011-04-29 Rudolf Polzerlibtommath support: compiles, does not work yet
2011-03-11 Rudolf Polzerin the .txt, actually explain the current "default...
2011-01-08 Rudolf Polzerfixing license again :P
2011-01-08 Rudolf Polzerfix COPYING
2011-01-01 Rudolf Polzerpatch by Nikoli to include the txt file in make dist
2010-12-15 Rudolf Polzermake inclusion of rijndael conditional on d0_rijndael... xonotic-v0.1.0preview
2010-11-26 Rudolf Polzerdue to the interface change recently, bump version...
2010-11-25 Rudolf Polzerbump versioninfo
2010-11-25 Rudolf Polzernow: "detached" signatures (not including the plaintext)
2010-10-29 Rudolf Polzeradd a funny #ifdef RNG_XKCD that grounds the RNG
2010-10-16 Rudolf Polzerfix a typo in the license notice variable name
2010-09-17 Rudolf Polzerwe're incompatible anyway to the last xonotic released...
2010-09-17 Rudolf Polzeralso describe the signature protocol
2010-09-17 Rudolf Polzeralso add the Schnorr signature scheme (NOTE: this is...
2010-09-17 Rudolf Polzeralso support signing
2010-09-10 Rudolf Polzerget rid of -lssl dependency in OpenSSL case (only need...
2010-09-07 Rudolf Polzercannot check for BN_set_negative, so let's just #define...
2010-09-07 Rudolf Polzerfix typo
2010-09-07 Rudolf Polzerwork around missing BN_*_negative on Crap OS X
2010-09-06 Rudolf Polzertag the macro identifiers (like BOOL, EXPORT) with...
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzeruse is_prime_fasttest for the quick primality test
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzerfix another typo
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzertypo
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzeralso try with -lcrypto if regular -lssl fails
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzerfix some autostuff
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzerbetter Id formatting
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzeralso use $Id$
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzeralso do this for COPYING
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzercommit hash into file
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzerexport-subst
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzerautomatically include the license notice into .so or...
2010-09-02 Rudolf PolzerLicense: now entirely licensed under the 3-clause BSD...
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzerback to 1024 bits
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzermore bugfixes, SSL variant works now
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzermore fixes :P
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzermake auto* hackery work, fix errors
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzeradd libssl stuff to autotools stuff
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzerimplement OpenSSL variant
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzerstart of openssl interface: copy gmp interface to opens...
2010-08-28 Rudolf Polzerfp64 of public ID: include the public key in it!
2010-08-27 Rudolf Polzeradd the non-blind ID protocol to the txt file for reference
2010-08-27 Rudolf Polzerdetect failed RNG initialization
2010-08-25 Rudolf Polzeradd a helper function
2010-08-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of github.com:divVerent/d0_blind_id
2010-08-05 Rudolf Polzerhandle an error case
2010-08-05 Rudolf Polzerun-debianize libd0_blind_id's RNG on Win32
2010-08-05 Rudolf Polzeradd d0_rijndael.pc
2010-08-03 Rudolf Polzerfix an undefined use of gmp functions
2010-08-03 Rudolf Polzerfix another MitM attack. Now the DH key exchange REALLY...
2010-08-02 Rudolf Polzerfix a MITM attack in the protocol
2010-07-26 Rudolf Polzeradd missing EXPORT flags
2010-07-26 Rudolf Polzerfix build of rijndael lib
2010-07-26 Rudolf Polzermore rijndael support stuff
2010-07-26 Rudolf Polzeralso add a rijndael implementation, as a separately...