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2012-08-14 Rudolf Polzeradd boldfonts for csqc and menu use (not used yet)
2012-08-12 Severin MeyerUpdate Xolonium font to version 2.0
2012-08-10 Rudolf Polzermake ./all able to check out xonstat and xonstatdb...
2012-08-02 Rudolf Polzerprevent_imbalance
2012-07-28 Rudolf Polzer./all update-maps: check for unzip
2012-07-11 Rudolf PolzerRevert "don't use the bin32 dir on win32; fixes fail...
2012-07-11 Rudolf Polzerdon't use the bin32 dir on win32; fixes fail to startup...
2012-06-25 Rudolf Polzerthrow away output from git ls-remote
2012-06-14 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of /var/cache/git/xonotic/xonotic
2012-06-14 Rudolf Polzer./all run dedicated: use rlwrap if available
2012-06-10 Rudolf Polzercosmetics in ./all update -l <location>
2012-06-05 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://nl.git.xonotic.org/xonot...
2012-06-05 Rudolf Polzerif we can't time, still check availability
2012-05-30 Rudolf Polzerfix problems with the analyzer
2012-05-30 Rudolf Polzerdetect NOP jumps, and trivial endless loop
2012-05-16 Rudolf Polzeruse hud_panel_pressedkeys_attack :)
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzeroops :)
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzersimplify more
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzerfor DP repo: support separate master branches
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzerignore another branch
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzerignore some branches
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzerfix the TTL to 3 hours to match reality
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzerfix a bash/sh typo
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzerconflict watch script name
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzerrename conflict watch to xoncw :P
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzerfix broken links
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzermore fixes
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzermore fixes
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzerfind the repo dir properly
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzerurl fixes
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzermore RSS handling: <pre> tags
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzerproperly keep the RSS files existing when clearing
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzersome fixes about RSS writing
2012-05-14 Rudolf Polzeradd a conflict detector that outputs to per-branchowner...
2012-05-02 Rudolf Polzeradd support for STATE
2012-05-02 Rudolf Polzermore fixes
2012-05-02 Rudolf Polzerbetter errors
2012-05-02 Rudolf PolzerIMMEDIATE: Ceci n'est pas un nom.
2012-05-02 Rudolf Polzerbetter detect extra parm globals
2012-05-02 Rudolf Polzerbetter mark warnings
2012-05-02 Rudolf Polzerprint warning with instruction
2012-05-02 Rudolf Polzerwork around QCC STORE_V bug
2012-05-02 Rudolf Polzerdetect temps used by only one function
2012-05-02 Rudolf Polzerdetect function-unique temps
2012-05-02 Rudolf Polzerbetter analyze variable types
2012-05-02 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of http://nl.git.xonotic.org...
2012-05-02 Rudolf Polzerbetter detect global types
2012-04-30 Rudolf Polzerstuff
2012-04-30 Rudolf Polzerfix two typos
2012-04-30 Rudolf Polzerfix the "error" handlign
2012-04-30 Rudolf Polzeronly WARN about invalid opcodes, and guess their signature
2012-04-30 Rudolf Polzerfix the last analyzing step
2012-04-30 Rudolf Polzerkeep the state hash simpler
2012-04-30 Rudolf Polzerbetter detect unused locals
2012-04-29 Rudolf Polzerstart of future support to detect unused temps
2012-04-26 Rudolf Polzernicer syntax
2012-04-26 Rudolf Polzerspeedup state checking for complex functions
2012-04-26 Rudolf Polzerfix detection of error()
2012-04-26 Rudolf Polzershow constant values in disassembly; make the function...
2012-04-26 Rudolf Polzerfix parameter handling
2012-04-26 Rudolf Polzermore watching
2012-04-26 Rudolf Polzermore cleanup
2012-04-26 Rudolf Polzercode cleanup
2012-04-25 Rudolf Polzeradd a static analyzer, gets more features later
2012-04-21 Rudolf Polzerfix two uses of cd
2012-04-21 Rudolf Polzeralso support DESTDIR
2012-04-21 Rudolf Polzerfix another typo
2012-04-21 Rudolf Polzeralso use DP_GMP_STATIC_LIBDIR
2012-04-21 Rudolf Polzerbuild DP properly with d0_blind_id
2012-04-21 Rudolf Polzercomplete the root dir Makefile
2012-04-06 Rudolf Polzerremove dylib symlinks that conflict with OS X internals
2012-04-05 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/xonotic-build...
2012-04-05 Rudolf PolzerClean up how ./all uses git. Expect some breakage.
2012-04-05 Xonotic Build... update ALL the dlls
2012-04-02 Rudolf Polzeralign :)
2012-04-01 Rudolf PolzerImagemagick: write good TGAs
2012-03-29 Rudolf Polzernew repos library file, not used yet, meant to replace...
2012-03-26 Rudolf Polzerfix url
2012-03-26 Rudolf Polzerdisable curling
2012-03-14 Rudolf Polzeradd notes about future changes here
2012-03-14 Rudolf Polzerport changes to batch file too
2012-03-14 Rudolf PolzerImprovements by edh to the benchmark script
2012-03-13 Rudolf Polzeruse advzip here too
2012-03-12 Rudolf Polzeruse advzip instead of the 7za hack to make more consist...
2012-03-11 Rudolf Polzermake the excludes work :P
2012-03-11 Rudolf Polzerfix permissions
2012-03-11 Rudolf Polzeradd a comment
2012-03-11 Rudolf Polzermark a bug in zipdiff
2012-03-11 Rudolf Polzerzipdiff: use a trick from ./all: use BOTH infozip AND...
2012-03-11 Rudolf Polzeralso handle the font pk3s
2012-03-09 Rudolf Polzeruse infozip to make patches due to symlinks
2012-03-09 Rudolf Polzerfixes
2012-03-09 Rudolf Polzerdiff two xonotic release-like builds (untested)
2012-03-08 Rudolf Polzeruse good compression for autobuilds too to keep rsync...
2012-03-08 Rudolf Polzerdon't build -high any more. Nobody uses it.
2012-03-08 Rudolf Polzerfix use of pk3stamp xonotic-v0.6.0
2012-03-08 Rudolf Polzerremove suffix from pk3 names
2012-03-08 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://de.git.xonotic.org/xonot...
2012-03-08 Rudolf Polzeradd a missing dir to the releases (d0_blind_id source)
2012-03-08 merlijnFullscreen actually works on OSX these days, so don...