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2010-06-22 Rudolf Polzernicer colors in ./all commit
2010-06-22 Rudolf Polzerfix yet another ./all typo
2010-06-22 Rudolf Polzerremove another md5sum dep
2010-06-21 Rudolf Polzermore converter fixes. Converter should work now.
2010-06-21 Rudolf Polzerremove a sleep 10 debug command
2010-06-21 Rudolf Polzeranother typo...
2010-06-21 Rudolf Polzerfix caching
2010-06-21 Rudolf Polzerfix permissions
2010-06-21 Rudolf Polzernew, better, greater data converter script
2010-06-21 Rudolf Polzergenerate-jpeg: minor fixes
2010-06-21 Rudolf PolzerJPEG and DDS generator scripts (untested)
2010-06-19 Rudolf Polzeralso do a pre-compile irc notification for map compiles
2010-06-18 Rudolf Polzernew OSX compile params
2010-06-17 Rudolf Polzerif a file foo.pk3dir.no exists, do not download foo...
2010-06-17 Rudolf Polzer./all release: try to build (no hosts set up for this...
2010-06-17 Rudolf Polzersave the options my build machine actually uses
2010-06-17 Rudolf Polzermore release build stuff
2010-06-17 Rudolf Polzermore release building stuff
2010-06-17 Rudolf Polzerstart of a release build system (doesn't do much yet)
2010-06-17 Rudolf Polzer./all each: new option -k "keep going"
2010-06-17 Rudolf Polzer./all: better "branches" display
2010-06-17 Rudolf Polzerdo not delete data.old automatically. Let user do that.
2010-06-17 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.xonotic.org/xonotic
2010-06-17 Rudolf Polzerautodownload compiled maps on "compile"
2010-06-17 Rudolf Polzerdo not track .pk3 files in data/
2010-06-17 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.xonotic.org/xonotic
2010-06-17 Rudolf Polzerfix the ./all script again ;) this time: missing div0...
2010-06-16 Rudolf Polzerfix two slash errors
2010-06-16 Rudolf Polzerircspam: use maps/$M.log, not $M.log :P
2010-06-15 Rudolf Polzerfailshadfers: remove textures/ prefix
2010-06-15 Rudolf Polzeradd IRC notification about build results
2010-06-15 Rudolf Polzeradmin-merge-2: do not ask if changes are trivial
2010-06-15 Rudolf Polzerforgot one command
2010-06-15 Rudolf Polzerfor some reason "git notes" syntax changed. Support...
2010-06-13 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'refs/remotes/origin/merlijn/macosx...
2010-06-13 Merlijn Hofstraoops, these files shouldn't have been deleted
2010-06-13 Merlijn Hofstranew libraries for OSX
2010-06-13 Rudolf Polzerrename "artwork" to "logo" to prevent future misuse...
2010-06-13 mand1ngaAdded Xonotic logo by sev
2010-06-12 Rudolf Polzerremove two occurrences of "havoc" ;)
2010-06-07 Merlijn Hofstrause correct DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
2010-06-06 Merlijn Hofstrarebrand OSX buildfiles
2010-06-06 Merlijn Hofstradefault to SDL if it is available
2010-06-06 Merlijn HofstraOSX does not use pulseaudio
2010-06-05 Rudolf Polzeras SDL is default on OSX, also use SDL's buildfiles...
2010-06-05 Rudolf Polzerfix a bug in the ./all script when checking out the...
2010-06-04 Rudolf PolzerCC=gcc fix for mingw32
2010-05-29 Jānis Rūcis./all: do not touch autocrlf/safecrlf
2010-05-27 Rudolf Polzerfind the original shaderlist properly
2010-05-27 Rudolf Polzerdo not use -noshaderlist. If it fails, I'll fix it.
2010-05-27 Rudolf Polzerno longer need -x
2010-05-27 Rudolf Polzeranother blobhash typo
2010-05-27 Rudolf Polzernow the script can "download" the maps, and also "downl...
2010-05-27 Rudolf Polzerfix a typo
2010-05-27 Rudolf Polzeradd my autobuild script
2010-05-25 Rudolf Polzeruse the correct branch source in admin-merge-2 and...
2010-05-25 Rudolf Polzerfix another bug in ./all branch
2010-05-23 Rudolf Polzer./all admin-merge-2: show proper merge preview in the...
2010-05-23 Rudolf Polzertry fixing ./all branch
2010-05-23 Rudolf Polzer./all branch: fetch origin before creating a branch...
2010-05-20 Rudolf Polzerfix useless warning on pulseaudio check on Windows :P
2010-05-18 Rudolf Polzercolor-words was bad
2010-05-18 Rudolf Polzeradmin-merge-2: more colors
2010-05-18 Rudolf Polzeradmin-merge-2: color words in the diff
2010-05-15 Rudolf Polzer./all: checkout with no arg checks out the default...
2010-05-15 Rudolf Polzeradmin-merge-2: upload report to http://rm.endoftheinter...
2010-05-15 Rudolf Polzermore admin-merge-2 stuff ;)
2010-05-15 Rudolf Polzersome fixes for ./all admin-merge-2
2010-05-14 Rudolf Polzerbuild watermark too
2010-05-10 Rudolf Polzer./all run: use pulseaudio if present
2010-05-10 Rudolf Polzerwork around the bug Chryyz got
2010-05-09 Rudolf Polzeradmin-merge-2 attempt
2010-05-09 Rudolf Polzer"all": new command ./all update -N (only gets NEW repos...
2010-05-08 Rudolf Polzertry forcing the mingw target on win32
2010-05-08 Rudolf Polzershaderlist.txt must be in THIS repo for Radiant to...
2010-05-08 Rudolf Polzermove mediasource out to an extra repo
2010-05-08 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'origin/fruitiex/sev-skin'
2010-05-08 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'origin/merlijn/finished/rcon2irc...
2010-05-08 Rudolf Polzeradminmerge real fix ;)
2010-05-08 Rudolf Polzermake adminmerge more covnenient
2010-05-08 Merlijn Hofstraactually base of most recent version
2010-05-07 Rudolf Polzertry setting DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH for OSX
2010-05-06 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://xonotic@git.xonotic...
2010-05-06 Rudolf Polzernew all function: ./all -c compile, does "make clean...
2010-05-06 Rudolf Polzerif we got one, also pack the .lin file (leak line)...
2010-05-06 Rudolf Polzerautobuild fixes
2010-05-06 Rudolf Polzerautobuild script ;)
2010-05-04 Rudolf Polzernexuiz-map-compiler -> xonotic-map-compiler
2010-05-04 Rudolf Polzersmall change to ./all, not done yet (command branches_s...
2010-05-02 Rudolf Polzerremove the common spog
2010-05-02 FruitieXsev's wickedx skin
2010-05-02 Rudolf Polzerall script: use div0-stable branch for DP
2010-04-28 Rudolf Polzertry to handle the case if the branch has been remotely...
2010-04-26 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://xonotic@git.xonotic...
2010-04-26 Rudolf Polzertargets targets targets targets ;) ./all compile wgl
2010-04-26 Rudolf Polzertry helping windoze in finding the DLLs
2010-04-26 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://xonotic@git.xonotic...
2010-04-26 Rudolf Polzerpk3dir handling: detect if the matching pk3 file exists...
2010-04-26 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.xonotic.org/xonotic
2010-04-26 Rudolf Polzer./all: allow the branch command even if the branch...